Ferras just wants to get closer.


Ferras just wants to get closer.

Ferras marches to the beat of his own drum. That’s why Katy Perry snatched him up as the first artist under her record label, Metamorphosis, a subsidiary of Capitol Records. In the time since opening for Perry on tour, Ferras released a self-titled EP, a five-song compilation he used as a promotional tool for touring and getting his name out there. Mission successful, cause Ferras is brimming with indie pop influence, including his latest anthemic release titled “Closer,” which premieres today (June 24).

The tune begins with a trickling, alien-esque vibe that continuously builds on itself before the singer dives into the monstrous chorus.

“I just need you closer / your body and your mind / I just need you closer / all day long all night.”

The singer tells BreatheHeavy “Closer” is about “getting enough courage to let someone know how you feel about them… a crush turns into an obsession when you’re watching someone from afar,” he says, “then you just go for it one day.”

Ferras wrote the song with producer Stuart Crichton and songwriter Megan Cottone.

“We had a dance party in the studio writing it,” he continued. “[We] wrote and recorded it in one day! There was someone I’d been crushin’ on and it was my way of telling them, but not actually having to. They might know now.”

Any guesses, gentlemen?

Listen to “Closer” below:

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