Pretending the album didn’t leak.

Most if not all of Fergie’s record leaked last week, but the pop star is rolling promo plans out like that never happened.

Fergie should have rush-released right then and there, but here we are a week later and the singer is still teasing bits and pieces. The timing is a bit odd, but nonetheless there are several new cinematic clips for fans to indulge in (She actually was photographed on vacation in Hawaii this week all smiles, as if she was entirely unaware the huge blow her career just absorbed).

In one video, Fergie is mesmerized by a stampeding swat team. Another shows her running through a door and slamming it shut. The clips feature the phrases fans love to hate: “more to come” and “to be continued.” That remains to be seen.

Watch below:


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SPLIT ⚔️⚔️

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i see u ??

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who's there ??

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been hearing voices…

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