Making up for lost time.

Fergie’s new teaser will have you seeing double.

Fergie’s album Double Dutchess leaked in full a few weeks ago, and for a minute it appeared the pop star put her head in the sand and continued with Plan A.

Fans (BreatheHeavy included) urged the singer to rush-release the record, and our worries did not fall on deaf ears.

In the intro of the trailer for the Double Dutchess Visual Album Experience, a slew of screen shots from fans blasting the singer for taking so long to release the record scatter across the screen. She’s well aware of what’s going on/being said. The preview also includes multiple scenes/looks of Fergie as she makes her way through the visual project. It looks incredible.

Fergie’s release definitely hit a roadblock, but the visual album should make up for it.

Watch below:

Double Dutchess arrives September 22.

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