Fergie Officially Releases “You Already Know” Featuring Nicki Minaj And “Hungry” Featuring Rick Ross


A Double Dutchess double feature.

A Double Dutchess double feature.

Fergie’s era kicked off with a lull, and then a leak, but things are looking up! The pop star announced today that Double Dutchess is a visual spectacle. She also shared two cuts from it tonight (August 24) to celebrate the album pre-order: “You Already Know” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Hungry” featuring Rick Ross.

“You Already Know” boasts some serious ’90s house vibes. For the record, she cooked this up before Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish,” which also features Nicki. It’s fresh to death. “Life’s a movie / let the camera roll / fast life moving Ain’t no going slow / That’s right baby you already know,” she sings before diving into falsetto and crooning “this is how we do.” Per usual, Nicki’s verse is fire. “I’m thick and petite, tell ‘em quick pick a seat,” she raps. “I pull up in a Ghost, no sheets, trick or treat / I know they on E, but I don’t give a F, though / Bad attitude, but my pussy is the best, though.” Listen:

“Hungry” with Rick Ross is far more menacing. The beat pulsates against her chopped-up vocals. It’s ferocious, and familiar. It’s one of the tracks Fergs kicked off the entire era with way back when. Rick Ross raps about bitches and money, because a boss is starving. You know what to do: