Goodness prevails in Fergie’s Jonas Åkerlund-directed visual for “A Little Work.”

Wow. Fergie’s visual project for Double Dutchess continues to roll out one brilliant visual masterpiece after the next. The latest for “A Little Work” is her best. It’s an 11-minute video of Fergie explaining her mindset in her darkest hour and how she dug out of it.

The narration is accompanied with an imaginative video that highlights different aspects of Fergie – as a mom, a singer and a fighter.

“It’s really still a challenging place that I often have to work on to this day, but when I honor my true self and I honor that part of me that is that magic that’s when I am at that place that I can call happy,” she says as her begins to well up with tears. “I can feed that love outward not only to friends, and to my parents and to my sister, and now to my husband and my little boy.”

Watch the beautifully reflective clip below:

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