What’s it like working with the biggest pop star in the world? A piece of cake! or in their case… salad?

Femme Fatale Tour openers, Nicki Minaj and Joe Jonas open up to MTV.com about what it’s like backstage. “Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of security, lots of salad and lots of cranberries and almonds, lots of dancers stretching,” Minaj joked from her dressing room. “There’s also a lady that comes every day and gives massages. She has like a massage chair and every time I go out there, she’s giving some bloody bloke a massage,” she teased in her signature British accent.

Nicki is grateful she can spread her wings and be creative for her performance. “Well, definitely I wanted my set to be more than an opening act ’cause, you know, I did that already,” she said. “I always like to raise the bar for myself and that’s what I did. I think it’s important to give people what they paid for.”

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful” singer Sabi said that hours before the show happens, there’s lots of chaos. “It’s crazy to see how wardrobe is rushed from one location to the next, or if there’s something wrong with the shoes or there’s extra shoes and dancers need massages and the catering’s not here till 5 and we have to eat at 5 o’clock and everybody rushes to catering,” she explained of all the hubbub.”It’s pretty fun and hectic back here, but it’s dope.”

Sabi goes on to say how much of a pro Britney is at all this. “I’ve learned how she just delivers. There can be a bajillion things going on and she just delivers every time,” Sabi said of Spears. “I’m learning the professionalism of it.”

Joe Jonas says he’s stoked to be a part of something so big. “[I’m] very excited right now. I can’t wait,” he said in his dressing room. “Getting up on the stage felt really comfortable, so I think it’s gonna be really fun. Like everyone out there, I’m a fan of Britney, and it’s New Jersey, so it couldn’t be more perfect.”

“Honestly, it’s been epic,” Nicki Minaj says of the crowd at Brit’s shows. “They have an amazing spirit, a great vibe, and it’s love every night, and I would not have traded this experience for anything else in the world.”

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