Director of “Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour” DVD, Ted Kenney, opens up about working with Britney on the project.

Did you know Britney backstage creating the DVD? If so, how was and you took a picture with her?
“I met her a few times. Unfortunately I could never take a picture with her. Britney has always been cordial on the subject of how she wanted it to be the DvD and how fans would feel. She was quite specific in notes she left the studio and how it all was important not only for her and for the fans. I found it very down to earth, and very fun in our daily conversations.”

Which artists you worked until today that were your favorites?
“Britney was one of my favorite artists to work because of their music and videos. Britney has a great career and your clips broke several barriers that made her an icon. When I got the call saying I would work with her I wanted to rush out of the office and shout to the world “I WILL WORK WITH BRITNEY SPEARS!” but of course I was prevented by my sense of the ridiculous. I also enjoyed working with the Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry, and each has its own qualities that makes working with them to become something special.”

Is there some behind the scenes footage that was not released, and if so, why?
“We always have the habit of shooting a lot of footage backstage. I’m sure I’ll be back to do more in the future… We couldn’t put all the footage on the DVD… She is a wonderful artist who is always focused on pleasing the fans.”

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How did you choose some of the angles, and did Britney help?
“The angles are the most important part of the DVD. Sometimes we have to make changes to the filming, seats and the stage. Britney was always very careful about it and gave us tips on places in her performances that she wanted to highlight. It is always good to help the artist create the DvD, because nobody knows better than the people who created it.”

Have you ever worked with Britney before?
“I never made ​​contact with her team before expressing my desire to work with her on this tour. I followed the Circus Tour and I really wanted to help in her recordings. I really liked the 360° stage and how the performances worked around it. I really hope the rumors are formalized Vegas soon!”

Fans loved the pre-recorded vocals that were used in the shows. Do you have the pre-recorded vocals, and if you do could we get a small teaser?
We record through her microphone throughout the show while filming the DVD and she was amazing. Some choices made fans didn’t like, but maybe one day you’ll get a new version of the DVD, but no promises!

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