Looks like Japan isn’t the only lucky country getting the Femme Fatale Tour DVD Deluxe Edition!

Britney told fans via Facebook they could get their Deluxe copy exclusively at Target.

“Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour” DVD isn’t out until Monday (Nov 21), but pre-order the Deluxe Edition now exclusively at Target and you’ll get a 10-track Femme Fatale remix CD featuring the all new track “Scary”!”

The Remix CD:

1. [CD] Hold It Against Me (Jacob Plant Remix)
2. [CD] Hold It Against Me (Linus Loves Remix)
3. [CD] Hold It Against Me (The Alias Club Mix)
4. [CD] Till The World Ends (Olli Collins + Fred Portelli Remix)
5. [CD] Till The World Ends (Billionaire Extended Remix)
6. [CD] Till The World Ends (Gareth Wyn Remix)
7. [CD] I Wanna Go (Moguai Remix)
8. [CD] I Wanna Go (Pete Phantom Remix)
9. [CD] I Wanna Go (Vada Remix)
10. [CD] Scary

Sorry Charlie, but you’re not fooling anyone claiming “Scary” is new! We want NEW new tracks. Be sure to get your copy next week!

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