We’ve heard a lot of rumors about who’s working with Britney on her upcoming album, but the ladies are getting no love! Hooking Brit up with another female musician on the album could prove to be a smart move, because the last lady collabo Britney attempted on Femme Fatale didn’t garner the attention it sought after. Everyone loves girl power, especially the gays!

Female Collaborations For Album 8

Now that leaves us with WHO should be that lucky woman to make it onto a Britney Spears album. Britney tried to do the up-and-coming artist thing, and, well… it flopped. Emphasis on drop. dead. So let’s think about what famous female artist would make the grade. Here are some of my top choices:

Female Collaborations For Album 8

Pink is one of the best selling female musicians of the last ten years, and she’s proved herself to be a staple in the music industry. She combines femininity while looking like she’ll kick the ******* **** out of you for looking at her derrière. Her voice is one-of-a-kind and could assist in an awesome vocal chorus behind Britney’s sweeter voice. Put a sick beat behind that it, and you could have some serious fire. Or flare (gay joke).

Lana Del Rey
Female Collaborations For Album 8

Lana Del Rey is another great candidate for a cool female collabo on Album 8. She’s spoken very highly of Britney in the past, saying

“I’m not really interested in a ton of female musicians but there is something about Britney that compelled me — the way she sings and just the way she looks.”

Imagine this girl’s haunting voice singing a cold melody during one of Brit’s ballads describing her darker times. I know what you’re thinking, ‘BUT I NEED A SOLO BRITNEY BALLAD.’ Open up your minds for two ******** seconds, my friend. Britney’s been there done that, and Album 8 is all about experimenting and trying new things. We know Britney wants a compilation to reflect her real life, and who could help describe 2007 in a better way than Lana and her pepsi cola tasting ******. And we saw a lot of vagay in 2007…

Female Collaborations For Album 8

Britney and Adele have a good standing relationship; both root each other on in the music industry, and they couldn’t be any more different. Britney isn’t known for outstanding vocal range, but is still widely-accepted as a leading female musician of our generation. She’s the epitome of ***, ***, ***, and is very image-based. Adele, on the other hand, has one of the best, if not THE best voice in music right now and is scrutinized for her body because she doesn’t fit into the mold of what society thinks a female artist should look like. They’re very ying and yang, and THAT’S a story. THAT is something people will talk about.

Think of Adele singing a “Rumor Has It” sounding melody with Britney singing the chorus. Epic. Britney said of Adele recently: “Her voice is just not like any other voice out there. It draws the emotion out of you… You can tell she hasn’t gotten caught up in that pop music machine thing – which is easy to get caught in – and she hasn’t just listened to what executives were telling her to do. All of her stuff is hers, and that’s really amazing.”

Kelly Clarkson
Female Collaborations For Album 8

Kelly Clarkson is another leading female lady in music with dozens of number ones. Not only is Kelly an amazing singer, she doesn’t put up with ********. When her management wanted to corner Kelly and control her “My December” album the way THEY wanted it, she fired them and regained focus because she knew what she wanted and how to get there. That was one of the best decisions she made for herself professionally because, well, look at her now! Not only is she innovative, but she’s a big Britney fan, singing multiple covers during her last tour (“Everytime” in Las Vegas and “Till The World Ends” in L.A.). She’s on top of the game and writes and sings original-sounding music. Whenever I hear the Darkchild-produced track, “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” I always think how great a Kelly vocal would’ve sounded on it. Ugh. Someone make that asap.

And there you have it ladies and gents, four women I think would be AWESOME collaborations on Britney’s upcoming studio album. Do you agree? Disagree? Leave a comment in Exhale and let me know what you think!

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