Favorite headline ever BTW.

BreatheHeavy recently broke the story that Britney re-hired Felicia Culotta to act as her personal assistant, and that Brett was in hot water. And it’s true!

“Nothing is wrong, there is no chaos, [Brett] just took a vacation,” a source confirms to Radaronline.com exclusively. “The job is too much for one person. Felicia will handle more of the personal stuff and Brett will focus on the business side.”

A.K.A. Britney didn’t want to see that ugly mug ever again.

“Britney always felt Brett was shady,” said the source who first revealed Felicia was signed on once again. “[Britney] wanted someone who had her best interests at heart.”

Above is the first public photo of Britney and Felicia’s reuniting since the news broke.

Have fun filing papers, Brett!

Image: x17online.com

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