Does the new exclusive revelation regarding Britney’s assistants seem like a **** show? It’s because it is!

After Britney’s first assistant, Felicia Culotta, seemingly disappeared out of Britney’s life after her second marriage to ex-husband Kevin Federline, Britney has been seen with a slew of assistants who, let’s face it, don’t last more than a few months.

Sources reveal exclusively to that while Culotta IS returning to work for Britney as a personal assistant, Brett has not yet been fired.

According to the source, Britney wanted to get rid of Brett because she “can be very controlling.”

Jamie was livid when he found out Britney wanted Brett out because Jamie feels Brett is “what Britney needs; someone who is both her age AND provides stability,” but Brett has been shady lately, allegedly opening her mouth to sources she shouldn’t be speaking with.

Of course, Britney has to go through Jamie when making her “own decisions,” hence why Brett is still currently employed.

In fact, Britney may now employ both Brett AND Felicia at the same time.

In a statement released to Perez Hilton, Culotta confirms the report that she will once again work for Britney, saying:


“Britney has always held a special place in my heart, and over the course of the last year I have seen her work harder than she ever has in her entire life. Sadly, I am really going to miss the Jonas boys, but I felt I had to be a part of this exciting time in Britney’s career. I love Britney and missed her dearly.”

Unfortunately, a separate source has revealed that Felicia is “very much in favor of the conservatorship,” and is willing to report to Jamie and Lynne Britney’s every move.

As for Brett? The source revealed that “something is not right” about her.

Stay tuned…

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