Felicia Culotta: Britney’s “Doing Great”

August 20, 2008 By Jordan Miller

See above? Britney embracing her inner dorkness. I’m all for that – I miss you, Fe! WE MISS YOU!

Buzznet recently spoke with Felicia Culotta, Britney’s previous personal assistant of 9 years, and had nothing but nice things to say. Culotta told Buzznet that she still keeps in touch with Britney, and that she’s “doing great.” Fe, who is working as the Jonas’ personal assistant, says the tour has “20-something former Britney tour employees, including famed bodyguard Big Rob – who has become almost as popular with Jonas fans as the teens themselves.”

Fe told TMZ cameras in January that she’d love to work with Britney again, but is currently busy attending to Disney’s latest cash cow.

“Felicia Culotta she likes to **** a lotta. Why’d I just say that?!” – Britney Spears 2004