Earlier this week I posted a rumored new track, “Feet On The Ground”, from (what I thought was) Britney, but it’s time to clear the air!

The Britney-impersonator is actually singer Myha Marie, the same chick that sang “Candy With Strangers.”

Myha emailed BreatheHeavy.com with a statement clearing up the confusion, as well as posting a MySpace blog, saying:


“so it happens again…

i wrote this song about a year and a half ago… produced by Nick Terranova (Starkillers) and Howie Hersh (look him up, he’s great!)

it was passed along and was ultimately turned down by Britneys’ people for her last album, “Circus”. this has NOTHING to do with me doing background vocals for ‘circus.'”

Check out more music from Myah by checking out the flash player below:

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PS – Anytime you need some promotion for a Britney sound-a-like track, Myah, just give me a holler! “Feet On The Ground” received a great response from fans!

Guess I was just THAT eager for some new Britney music!

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