Indie electro-pop duo Bella Loka premiere their new song “Honey B” from their forthcoming debut album out later this year.


Indie electro-pop duo Bella Loka premiere new song “Honey B” from their forthcoming debut album out later this year.

Made up of Tea and David Boothby, Bella Loka blend their expressive vocals with indie-pop electronica textures with ease. The band condenses heavy, soul-searching lyrical themes into deceptively upbeat alt-pop songs, like on their new ditty “Honey B,” which exclusively premieres on BreatheHeavy today (July 12). The mid-tempo tune is about finding a connection with someone when neither of you are in a position to take it further (ugh).

“It touches on the feelings of temptation, conflict of wanting something and not wanting it at the same time, the eventual choice to do the right thing and reluctance in the decision to let go,” Tea tells BreatheHeavy. “It’s essentially a song about falling in love with the wrong person, or the right person at the the wrong time, wanting something to happen but being wise enough to walk away or stupid enough to let it it go… There are many elements to the song.”

David says Tea began writing the whimsical tune on the piano, and when she first played it he was hooked.

“‘That’s a perfect song!'”, he recalls thinking. “I had that same feeling every time she played it to me and I couldn’t wait to get working on it. We did a piano and vocal demo in our home studio first which I then set about producing up with programming, electronica and keys which pretty much had the vibe of the finished track. We then went on tour and just played it on acoustic guitar, and even just acoustically it was the highlight of every gig – the song basically sounded great whatever we did with it! When it came to record it properly we took it to Abbey Road Studios and I remember listening to the demo with producer Rob Cass in Studio 3 on the huge monitor speakers and him being so positive about the song, and also saying my production was good, which meant a lot coming from him. We then set about working on it properly with programmer/producer Pearse MacIntyre and he had the great idea of taking Tea’s piano from the demo and putting it through this really cool analogue synth – that’s what the main pulsing keyboard sound is throughout the verses – and then I put a load of guitars down including the pitch-shifted riff on the Digitech Whammy pedal and a load of E-Bow guitars on the choruses. I also got to use a £4000 Framus hollow-body electric guitar in the studio which had this incredible jangly sound. We’re absolutely delighted with how it turned out – a great song from Tea, a real collaboration on the production between Rob, Pearse and myself, and it includes some of my favourite guitar parts on the album.”

Tea adds: “If people take anything away from a piece of music that’s always amazing. I don’t think it’s the artist or anybody’s job to put limits or expectations on that; that would be depressing! If it makes people feel anything, good or bad, then I am pleased. I hope it will feel light to people though. Light is good. For now anyway.”

Listen below:

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