Ladies, Kevin Federline is available and willing – and he’s letting the whole world (or the small crowd at his concert) know.

The self-proclaimed Fed-Ex gave his first post-breakup concert in Chicago at the House of Blues last night, and a TMZ spy says that the rapper made his appeal to the women of the Windy City, proclaiming before his minor masterpiece “Dance With a Pimp,” “You know I am about to a free man, baby.” He also made several other references to “the ladies” and that the Chicago “ladies” were “sexier than he remembered.”

But there wasn’t that much Feder-genius to be had, sadly, as the man of the hour only performed for about 35 minutes, and had to supplement his own slender offerings with other people’s musical property, like Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.” And, no doubt disappointing the legions of non-fans who went just to hear him wax lyrical about Britney, Fed-Ex made only glancing references to his estranged wife.


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