Britney, accompanied by her security guard, escaped from her Calabasas home in navy blue sweats and a red hoodie for a delicious Starbucks Tuesday evening.


A BreatheHeavy reader went up to Britney last night and asked for an autograph, to which she replied “no thanks” and ran inside the Starbucks.

Here’s a story and a pic from his encounter:


“I was sitting out front of Starbucks today with a friend of mine, and up pulls Britney. To my shock, there were no paparazzi or anything. Just her and Edan. I know I haven’t been the best fan lately, but I was legitimately shocked and shaking when I saw her.

I didn’t run up to her because I didn’t want her to react like she did when that fan ran up on stage, so I remained seated and said “Britney, I’m such a big fan and I saw you in concert, could I please have a photo?” I thought it was my golden opportunity. However, not so shockingly, she just nervously laughed and ran inside as Edan brushed me off with a “No thanks.”

She came out and I said “Bye Britney.” She didn’t say anything. One photographer came out of nowhere, and so I decided to join him and take photos. Britney looks up, then gets back out of her car and runs towards me. It ended up I was in the way of her getting back inside Starbucks to grab some sugar. She dropped her Marlboro lights on the ground in front of me and Edan retrieved them.”



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