FCC: Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wife From Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is in hot water after getting two new tattoos back-to-back in NYC this week. Just kidding, she doesn’t care about that, but she IS facing heat for her racy Bangerz Tour airing on NBC for all the boys and girls of America to see.

Apparently the The FCC is investigating whether the content violated its rules against broadcasting “sexual or excretory activity,” reports TMZ.

Nevermind the show aired a month ago, but I guess it takes the old-timers at the FCC that long to get through their saved up Law & Order episodes before they caught up with Miley (-sticks tongue out-).

You should know better then to air Miley Cyrus on your television station and not expect some antics!

The worst that’ll happen to NBC is a fine. I’m sure the billion dollar network is shaking in their boots…

Meanwhile, Miley got new ink for no obvious reason besides she’s bored and young. See them here:

Get that controversy!