TMZ has learned the FBI searched the home today of a woman who runs an LA paparazzi agency. The allegation — her computers were used to illegally hack into the computers of Us Weekly magazine to obtain information about celebrities, in particular Charlie Sheen.

Sources tell TMZ the U.S. Attorney obtained the search warrant several days ago. Law enforcement went to the home of Jill Ishkanian, a partner at Sunset Photo and News. We’re told the Feds seized computers and other items. As of now, the official file is sealed.

We’re told Ishkanian founded Sunset Photo and News last year after leaving Us Weekly where she had worked as a reporter. TMZ repeatedly called Sunset Photo and News, but when we told them why we were calling, company reps immediately hung up. In a related development, TMZ spoke with former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who tells us the Feds contacted her and accused her of being involved in the alleged hacking plot. Sources say Fleiss and Ishkanian are close friends. Fleiss told TMZ the allegations against her are “ridiculous.”

UPDATE 7:15PM ET: Ishkanian’s lawyer, Glenn Feldman, contacted TMZ to say that his client has been subpoenaed by Britney Spears’ lawyers in her suit against Us Weekly. Spears claims that an article in Us Weekly alleging she made a *** tape with husband Kevin Federline was bogus. Feldman says he finds it “coincidental” that his client is suddenly being targeted. Feldman adds Ishkanian “did not receive any information from Us Weekly by hacking into any computer, especially information about Charlie Sheen.”

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