#FBF: Madonna – “Impressive Instant” (2000)

June 5, 2015 By Aaron

This week the #FBF spotlight is on Madonna’s “Impressive Instant”.


Welcome back to #ThrowbackThursday #FrowbackFriday!

It’s been a while. I shouldn’t have kept you waiting. But I’m here now.

Each week BreatheHeavy takes you into the darkest depths of our iTunes to honor some of the most unappreciated deep-cuts from your favorite pop acts – and yes, I’m painfully aware it’s been more than a week. That’s how life goes sometimes. But who better to welcome back my favorite section than Madonna with a cut from her 2000 album ‘Music’ – the still-incredible “Impressive Instant”.

Following the career defining ‘Ray of Light’ was never going to be an easy task and, indeed, many would argue that Madonna has never topped her comeback record and ultimate reinvention. What was shocking about Madge’s 8th studio LP was that whilst she didn’t meet the dizzying heights of ‘Ray of Light’, ‘Music’ was in no way a let down. A blend of country infused folk and dazzling electronica, ‘Music’ was the epitome of fresh, engaging dance music and no song did it better than “Impressive Instant”.

Originally slated to be the fourth single from ‘Music’, “Impressive Instant” is Madonna and co-producer Mirwais Ahmadza├»’s finest achievement. Between the brilliant nonsense of the lyrics, the clattering electronic beat, the deliberately distorted vocals and glorious synths, “Impressive Instant” was revolutionary for the very start of the 21st century when EDM was still something that existed only in the deepest depths of club life.

Outrageously, “Impressive Instant” was never released as a single, nor did it receive a music video, but after many demands from both Madonna and her fans, it did make it as a promotional single in the States. Not the fanfare it deserved, I’m sure you’ll agree. According to absolutely no reliable sources except the forum fanatics, Warner Bros wanted to release the William Orbit produced (and unarguably mediocre) “Amazing” after the success of the similar sounding “Beautiful Stranger”.

Madonna didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion and naturally being the #UnapologeticBitch that she is, refused to shoot a video for the song or even perform the track on her 2001 Drowned World Tour incase the record company botched together a live promotional video. Ultimately the fourth single was dropped altogether.

She may have refused to perform “Amazing”, but M has given “Impressive Instant” a handful of live outings. As well as opening her promotional tour for ‘Music’ where Madonna literally crowd surfed between two stages, “Impressive Instant” was an undeniable highlight from the Drowned World Tour. Full of cyber-punk ’80s references and more phallic objects than you can shake a stick at, it was a truly rebellious performance.

Interestingly, Madonna also planned to perform “Impressive Instant” on her record breaking 2008 outing, The Sticky and Sweet Tour, but at the last minute director Jamie King persuaded her to drop it in favour of mega-hit and fan favorite “Like a Prayer”. Whilst it was perhaps the right decision as “Like a Prayer” was one of the best moments from S&S, it’s a shame “Impressive Instant” didn’t get a third go around. Of course, this being a Madonna track, the studio version – which is mashed-up with 1983’s “Burning Up” – has since leaked online.

Unfortunately, post-Kabbalah Madonna and team have a horrible habit of picking completely the wrong singles from her largely outstanding albums and no song is a better example of their poor decision making than “Impressive Instant”. An instant club hit, “Impressive Instant” could easily have been another commercial jewel in Madonna’s crown, especially considering that it topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart with a very limited roll out.

“Impressive Instant” is a perfect blend of futurism and retro-nostalgia, a brilliant example of Madonna’s fun side and an all round fantastic dance track. There’s probably no better way to kick off your weekend than with this standout song in Madonna’s already outstanding discography.

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