#FBF Britney Spears’ “Breathe On Me”

June 5, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Check out some our favorite instances of the song throughout Britney’s career!

#FBF Britney Spears' "Breathe On Me"

In honor of Britney Spears’ favorite song of hers, let’s take a moment to reflect the masterpiece that is “Breathe On Me.”

Britney admitted today in a new interview with Australia’s KIIS FM the trancey, overtly sexual song off her fourth studio record is her favorite song she’s ever recorded (bye Toxic), so to honor the Queen’s flawless taste in her own music, BreatheHeavy’s sharing our favorite moments involving the bass thumping, ahead of its time track that never saw single status (though it should have).

CDUK Performance

Before leaks and streams dominated the music industry, artists’ songs would see a proper release according to a carefully detailed promotional schedule. The debut of “Breathe On Me” was not one of those times. This performance marked one of Britney’s first major slip ups in the digital age after this recording of it landed online way ahead of the album’s official release, giving fans their first glimpse at “In The Zone” with this over-indulgent *** pot breather (she actually performed it unannounced at a nightclub inside the Palms in Las Vegas first, but because the invention of the iPhone was a few years out there’s not much footage).

In The Zone And Out All Night

Fortunately, it wasn’t too much longer before fans received a televised performance of the hit on her special “In The Zone And Out All Night” where cameras followed the 21-year-old to three separate nightclubs to perform her music three times in the span of one night.

Onyx Hotel Tour

We knew Britney wanted to amp up her image during “In The Zone,” and with songs like “Breathe On Me” where she simulates climaxing at the height of the song, her intention read loud and clear. However, no one saw the lengthy makeout sesh to a backup dancer during the breakdown coming (pun intended). It oozed *** through gyrating, cooing and seductive staring that surely proved Britney was all grown up.

House of Blues

Britney was dealing with some stuff in 2007 no doubt, but that didn’t stop her desire to perform. Her not-so hush hush House of Blues tour under the guise of M+M’s was a spectacular, albeit quick, several-city stint that featured the song. She chose a “random” guy in attendance, sat him down on a pullout chair while she and her dancers circled him like a pack of sharks readying to attack their prey. Watching a star of that magnitude perform in a venue that size to a song this magical was quite the breathy experience for a Britney fan.


Though the song never received the coveted single treatment (Outrageous literally ruined everything), she continued performing it – this time adding it to the “Circus” tour before immediately segueing into another fan-favorite for “Touch Of My Hand.”

She’s not that innocent

And finally, during her 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer, Britney tried convincing Diane Sawyer the song doesn’t have any underlying meaning, no adult overtones. It’s really just about breathing, but we know her game all too well.