Britney’s working on a variety TV show — and she’s talking to K-Fed about helping out.

Sounds like that guest gig on “How I Met Your Mother” has given Britney Spears the TV bug – again. Of course, we can’t forget she did start out on the revived “Mickey Mouse Club.”

Anyway, seems Spears and her ex-hubby – with whom she’s recently smoothed things over – are seriously talking about working together on a pilot for a variety show Britney would host.

Kevin Federline, who met his ex-wife while working as one of her backup dancers, reportedly would be a key choreographer for the project.

Though the concept of the prime-time musical-comedy variety show hasn’t worked in years, sometimes things do come full circle. We’ll just have to see if this one flies.

Spears supposedly will pitch the concept to all the networks.



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