Charli XCX will take you on a ride in her latest Vroom Vroom visual.


******* know they can’t catch me.

Charli XCX is releasing a music video for the self-title track from her recent EP titled Vroom Vroom today off her newly launched label of the same name. The decision to start her own label may be in part due to the 23-year-old’s desire to mould her own image in the industry, which is so famously male-dominated. Charli recently released a documentary on sexism and feminism in pop music, in which she discussed the difficulty women in the industry face when trying to control their image. Starting her own label is certainly a step in the right direction towards taking control over her own career and music.

The black & white visual combines her “love for bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness.” Charli executes a bit of choreography wearing a black latex catsuit, splashes around a pool of black water and poses in front of an iced out Lamborghini. The luxurious visual is almost entirely a wide-shot of Charli doing the polished pop star thing.

“I’m making beautiful party songs right now and this is just the start,” Charli said earlier this year. “The album goes to other places and I can’t wait for people to hear it. I feel the most creative I have in a long time and I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter.”

The video is available on Apple Music. Watch Vroom Vroom below:

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