They use new footage and they play “Breathe On Me” as the background music. I will post it uploaded to breatheheavy as soon as I can get my hands on it! For now view it at aol. I will also make screen caps and add them to the gallery when it is in a downloadble form. enjoy!


“Once upon a time there was a Goddess, and a Hunter.”
(shows britney frollicking around a mysterious dark forest, in a white dress. She looks almost the same as in the curious commercial, in fact they show a few of the exact same clips of her face. The hunter is played by a guy with longish bown hair.)

“She was beautiful…..and he couldn’t help himself.”
(One of them throws a glowing rock thing, they both seem to go towards it. Britney crosses over a creek by walking across a fallen tree. She passes a tree with ‘Britney and Kevin’ engraved in it.)

“There wasn’t a single part of her he didn’t want to touch.”
(more images of them in the forest)

“But she was leaving soon , on a Goddess world tour.”
(shows a plane taking off, and Onyx Hotel Concert clips. and an owl lol)

“So he did something kind of crazy…..”
(he draws back a bow and arrow. The arrow says ‘Magic Love Arrow’ [cheesey!])

“…and they lived happily ever after.”
(the arrow makes her fall in love. bloody arrow stuck in her back. they kiss.)

“Fantasy. Everybody has one.”


Or watch on AOL.

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