Lily Allen responded to a fan who said her album will flop harder than “Britney Jean.”

Fans Think Lily Allen Shaded "Britney Jean"

Some fans think her crying emoji means she’s laughing at the original tweet, but others say it’s actually her upset someone dogged her new album, “Sheezus.”

I’ll give Lily the benefit of the doubt – she’s openly talked about her love for the Queen before.

When asked in an interview a few years back who she prefers, Brit or Gaga, she said:

“You can not compare Britney with Lady GaGa.

You are putting Lady Gaga at the same level of Britney Spears? I really cannot believe it, Lady GaGa is good, but she’s a new artist, Britney Spears is a legend.

They are two different artists, two forms of entertainment but very different, is like comparing Picasso to Dali.”

Oh, and this:

Plus, Brit loves her some Lily Allen, too. She was photographed buying Lily’s CD back in 2010:

Fans Think Lily Allen Shaded "Britney Jean"

Godly Allen is not shading Britney, y’all! Stand down.