I would like to start off by saying, “Congratulations BRITNEY and KEVIN”. Because that is what they desearve. I would like to just once go online, and not read about how “us” fans are so upset with her choices in life. They are her CHOICES, and We are FANS!, so we should stand beside Britney for whatever! She is so like so many of us. I am a 22 year old gay boi, who relates to so much that Britney does. SHE IS HUMAN! Hey, I smoke. I know its not right, but It’s my life. IT does not change me as a person. I heard that her man smoked pot, WHO CARES? Who honestly does not know someone or even themselves, who have done it. ITS A PART OF LIFE! I know I am a true fan of Brit, because no matter what I NEVER LET anyone get in the way of my interest in Britney. SHe could do whatever she wants,
and I would still respect her, because thats what you do when you care for someone. I will always stand beside Britney! Everyone thinking negative thoughts about Britney’s dessiccions, just please, LAY OFF. Its not your life, its her’s, LET HER LIVE IT! Thanks!

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