Fans Doubt Miley/Britney Collabo After New Tweet Features Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus’ dream collaboration is Britney Nicki Minaj?

Miley Re-Tweeted a picture of her, Mike Will Made It and Nicki Minaj in the recording studio with a snippet of a new track titled “23.” It’s causing a stir amongst The Army who wonder if that dream collaborator is not Britney afterall.

Don’t let this fool ya. The evidence is clear, y’all!

Miley told KIIS FM in Germany she already recorded with her dream collaborator, then reveals it’s a female musician and she’s blond. In another interview, Miley admits she’s known this dream collaborator for a long time. Then on Wednesday, Miley Tweeted a pic of Britney and Snoop Lion.

Both pop divas recently recorded with Mike Will Made It and Will.I.Am, and both share the same management. Haters gon’ hate, but that Britney and Miley collabo is coming to slay your life.

PS I love that she’s one upping Taylor Swift’s “22.”

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