I totally understand how alot of Britneys fans are upset, but saying things like your not going to support her and shes going to fail isnt the way to solve anything! The Vma’s is just a small part of everyones anger..we all know Britney shouldnt marry Kevin and should of won a VMA,but mostly she is very happy right now. regardless if she isnt making the best choice ever! she dosnt always have to put on a happy face and dance around cause thats what we want to see..she has a life too and it dosnt always have to revolve or pertain to her fans! alot of people too are focusing on how Britney is failing..she isnt! shes had an AMAZING year! In The Zone was soo bad *** but it whent unoticed with all the publicity of her and kevin,her tour,and her quick marriage…regardless if you want to believe Britney is dissing her fans then go for it! just dont put her down! and of course we all know her Greatest Hits ISNT going to do bad! she has so much knowledge on how to market herslef and she will do a great job! there is alot of competition but remember this ISNT a real album, its a compilation of her HITS! so dont think shes slipping away…she really isnt! just wish her the best of luck and to stay strong and of course she’ll be back VERY SOON! GO BRITNEY!

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