Livin legend you can look but don't touch

Of course she is! But not everyone agrees. It’s interesting when a user registers a username on the biggest Britney Spears website just to talk smack, but it’s a free country and Exhale is an open forum.

BreatheHeavy member Rational♛Anthem feels Britney is NOT a legend like her fans idolize her to be. The recent post sparked a lot of interaction from fans who whole-heartedly disagree, are too lazy to read the whole thing or agree.

A quote from their rant (full post here):

“i cant stand all you people saying Briney is more of a legend than MJ or Madonna, or that she is a legend at all tbh. Rn, Britney is in a midle situation. She gets compared to both household names (people that have been around for 10+ years such as mariah, celine dion etc), and to new icons too such as gaga, katy, rihanna, beyonce. she’s in that phase where it’s not clear if she belongs to the newest generation of artists or the oldest household names and that confusion if you ask me is pretty normal cause a) she has achieved a long term career in a young age b) she’s 15 years in her career, in 5 years, it will be more crystal clear for people to see how much longevity she has, cause she will be around for 20 years.

But getting back to my point, Britney is NOT a legend, not yet at least. It’s the closest we have to one, but she just isnt and i hate when people in here throw around the word legend so easily. NO. Only legends are Madonna, MJ, Elvis and The Beatles. And for the ones that dont WHY i’m about to give an explenation right away.

All these people made a change in society, it never was all about music if you ask me. Britney can put out a dozen great albums musically and have success with them but that means ****.”

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