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Speaking of fan-made, Joachim Ohnona, a journalist based in Paris, France, recently released a book about Britney entitled “Britney On Stage,”a Britney-encyclopedia of all the performances and the appearances Brit has made on stage from the first tour to the last “Circus” performances.

Though the book is in French, Ohnona claims it is a great collectors item, featuring over 150 Britney pictures, confidential documents including tour contracts and exclusive information from the staff of Britney’s past tours.

Even better, Ohnona publi$hed the book himself, saying:


“I also want you to know that I published this book by myself without any editor.

I paid everything myself and I’m not making this to make money, since I’ll probably sell less than I need to get my money back.

You can check out the book HERE!

“I’ve been working on this book for 2 years; it’s now published and I’ll be really glad to have the support of your wonderful website.”

Sure thing!

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