A lucky fan who attended Britney’s final Femme Fatale Tour rehearsal last night in Sacramento is spilling ALL the deets! Spoilers after the jump!

Okay, guys… Wow. What a night. Here’s my little review. I’m sure I’m leaving out some details because I’m going entirely off of memory. They allowed absolutely no cameras or phones in the arena…

I talked to Fe before the show and gave her a hug. I asked her how Britney’s feeling. I asked her to confirm that Britney is happy and doing this because she wants to. She agreed that Britney enjoys this show more than any other show she’s done and she giggles and laughs throughout the whole performance. She said she’s not retiring any time soon and that no one is forcing her to do this. This made my night. Best news I’ve heard all year. I also saw Jason. He was standing right next to me watching the show for like 3 songs. He’s very handsome in person and looked proud.

Another highlight was the pre-recorded vocals mixed with live vocals. There are very little CD vocals during the show. She re-recorded most of the songs so that they sound different and you can hear her underneath the track for over half the show. Her dancers are HOT. So hot. Best tour dancers ever. Adrien Galo was my favorite. He plays some big parts in the show. Sweat was pouring off the dancers and Britney like I’ve never seen.

Opening video segment:
The opening video opens with the words “The game of cat and mouse.” A man watches her from security monitors. He’s like a stalker trying to capture her. Britney is running from the cops in a gorgeous leotard. Her hair looks the best it has in years. She has a gun. She gets captured and HIAM starts…

Hold It Against Me:
Brit begins this song with the middle screen opening up. The electric chair is back but it really fits with the theme of the show. There is a small lift that brings Britney down to the main stage from the top of the screen in time for the second verse. Same choreo as promo performances but more fluid and with no mistakes. Very energetic opener.

Up N’ Down:
Britney is in jail for this song. **** dancing in the cage and then she tricks the cop into handcuffing himself. Very fun performance that ties in well with the theme of her being on the run. **** walk down the conveyor to the B stage to end the song. At the B stage she asks “How are y’all feeling? I can’t hear you!” Then 3 starts…

New choreo with white trenchcoats and a hat. Performed entirely on the B stage. Not a highlight for me because there were so many other epic moments, but a cute performance nonetheless!

Piece of Me:
She takes off trenchcoat and wears a mask like Freakshow from Circus tour. Only a small portion of this song is performed. A small bucket thingy comes down onto the B stage, Brit gets in and floats back to the main stage and takes her underneath the main stage for next costume change.

My Prerogative Interlude:
I honestly don’t remember much about this except that it was short and included more chit-chat from her stalker.

Big Fat Bass:
Similar to the promo performances, but with more energy. Think Kimmel times 10. The speakers appear on stage and Brit comes out of center speaker wearing a pink jacket that covers up a flesh-covered leotard. She takes off the jacket toward end of performance. Strong breakdown. Basically the promo tour mix without 3 and Slave mixed throughout. One of my favorites. Performed entirely on main stage.

How I Roll:
Another one of my favorites. Cute moves but with so much energy. They didn’t have the pink car and instead simply walked down the catwalk. At the end of the song, Britney says “Sorry about the missing prop. My workers apparently don’t know how to put props on stage. Does anyone out there wanna help me find someone from the audience to help with the props?” She then talks with a female dancer about different guys in the audience. Reminds me of Onyx Hotel when she said “I might marry you.” They pick a guy and bring him up.

Lace and Leather:
A guy sits down and Britney dances in front of him. Better than BOM lapdance on Circus tour because that one was so short. This one had sexier moves, lots of energy and fierce hairflips. Only a part of the song is performed – not the full version. Performed entirely on B stage.

If U Seek Amy (Cabaret Remix):
*** Show highlight. *** The song is remixed to sound sort of cabaret-ish. Hard to explain. Britney wears Marilyn Monroe dress and dancers have colored suits on (kinda like Zoot suits). Lots of flashing lights as they take her picture and she stands on platforms with air blown up her dress. She looks like she’s having a BLAST. Performed entirely on the main stage.

Video segment:
This segment cuts back to her stalker talking about femme fatales in history and how Britney is his newest target. He then talks about Egypt and some woman there who seduced people. This paves the way for the Egypt set.

Gimme More (Get Naked/Egyptian Remix):
*** Show highlight. *** Crowd went wild for obvious reasons. Remix is SICK. Sounds like Get Naked is used as the instrumental. There is gold EVERYWHERE. It was so bright and visually stunning. A boat is pushed onto the main stage. Minimal dancing for this song honestly. It was more about the theatrics. She walks up the stairs on the sides of the stage and then up to the top screen. She wears her gold jacket and then takes it off mid-song. There are also colored fireworks that go off around Britney! Performed entirely on main stage.

Drop Dead (Beautiful):
**** moment in the show. Britney dances through picture frames that are lit up while dancers are shown on the screen **** naked. I don’t believe they were any of her dancers. Just random hot men. Very fitting for the song. Sabi comes out of B stage for her part… Cute moment. Performed on main stage and then she makes her way to B stage where there’s a boudoir and a purple couch.

He About To Lose Me:
*** Show highlight. *** This is performed entirely on the B stage on a purple couch. Two square set pieces emerge on both sides of Britney and male dancers do acrobatic things above her while she does **** moves on the couch. Think TOMH/BOM type moves. I could hear her the most during this song, especially in the chorus. She sang the chorus in a falsetto voice so it was easy to hear it. It was such a simple, yet elegant performance.

Boys (Arabian Remix):
Britney is a snake charmer in this song. There are gold set pieces on stage, but instead of snakes coming out, her dancers emerge doing snake-like moves. Very theatrical – loved it! Performed entirely on main stage.

Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know:
*** Show highlight. *** Britney performs this on a small metallic swing while her dancer Adrien Galo pushes her and swings from the bottom of her seat. Heavy backtrack was used, but I did hear Britney doing some ad-libs. This was a crowd favorite and such an unexpected song. Nice breath of fresh air from Everytime and so breathtaking in person. Performed entirely on main stage.

Video segment:
This video shows Britney in a hotel room changing identities. She’s now getting dolled up in biker gear and looks STUNNING. Perfect makeup and hair. Her stalker watches from TV monitors and gets closer to finding her…

Baby, One More Time (Rock Remix):
This was an electric performance! Performed entirely on main stage. Lots of motorcycles on stage and Britney looks so CONFIDENT dancing on the motorcycles. She also does a couple cool moves with her dancers as they take off the motorcycle handles. Only part of this is performed and then launches into *******.

******* (Remix):
This is an extension of the BOMT performance. Lots of energy, lots of colors and the song starts with Britney’s verse, “Just one night full of sin.” This is one of the only songs where the original vocals are played and that’s understandable. It’s a very difficult song to sing live, but the audience loved that she did this song. Performed on main stage.

Trouble for Me:
This was another visually appealing performance. There are colored lasers lighting up the arena while Britney does some FIERCE dancing on the B stage. It’s sort of like a girls versus guys performance. **** moves with a male dancer. She then makes her way back to main stage.

I’m A Slave 4 U:
*** Show highlight. *** I was doing all the choreo with Britney standing two feet in front of me. They didn’t really remix the track, which was nice because Slave is so perfect in original form. Performed completely on main stage with almost all original choreo INCLUDING the ending chorus, which she hasn’t done since 2004. This performance made my night.

Burning Up :
This was a cute performance. Britney performs on giant guitar as it spins in circles. Another song where I heard her singing very clearly.

I Wanna Go:
Britney brings fans on stage for this one. Not a lot of choreo, but it’s such a fun performance. She goes to the right of the stage, about 5 fans come up and then she jumps with them to the chorus. She says “Give it up for them! Congratulations you guys!” She then walks to the left side of the main stage and has 5 more fans come dance with her and then made her way down to the B stage to dance with them all together. They picked people from Floor A and Floor B and the G sections. They didn’t necessarily pull from the ends of the rows because none of the people who were at the ends of the rows were picked around me.

Womanizer (Electro/Trance Remix):
*** Show highlight. *** Loved the choreo during this song. Probably some of the best dancing she’s done in a while. The moves weren’t necessarily intricate, but she had so much energy and conviction. It starts with Britney’s arm in the air. She stands there posing with her arm in the air and the audience goes crazy. Then the track starts. I really appreciated that moment. During a real show, the crowd will be nuts because Britney just stands there for like 15 seconds looking fierce. Police officers dance around her, but it’s not like the Circus tour. Performed entirely on the B stage. The turntable rises in the air and Britney arches her back completely behind her. Epic moment for me. Haven’t seen her do that in years.


Scary Interlude:
Britney is dressed in kimono as Scary plays in the background. She sneaks up behind her stalker as he’s watching TV monitors and puts gauze over his mouth, saying something like “I’ve got you now.” Very badass.

Ninja dancers and women dancers in kimonos. Cultural dancing and choreo on main stage and then Brit makes her way down catwalk, “hits” a male dancer with staff and “wins.” She then takes off the kimono to reveal the LED suit.

‘Till the World Ends:
Starts on B stage with album version. Promo tour choreo but with more energy. She comes back to main stage, says “Reeeeemix” and the song changes to remix version with Nicki on the screens. She climbs up the stairs, gets inside her set piece with the angel wings, and lands back at B stage for end of song. Lots of pyro and beautiful colors. She thanks the audience, runs back to main stage, and is lowered under the stage as she waves. The FEMME FATALE sign comes back down from the ceiling in bright colors as the music fades.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It’s the most fun I’ve had since the Onyx tour. For me, Circus was a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale and this was back to a 9 or 10 like DWAD/Onyx. Loved her ATTITUDE and confidence. There was dancing during almost every song except like three. She does her signature high kick and spin during the show. She was shown on video screens on the sides of the main stage. The only thing I would change is the band. There wasn’t a full band. There were just two guys on stage playing keyboards/adding sounds to the songs. It was still cool because it wasn’t entirely like the album versions, but a full band would’ve been amazing.

Overall, this is a show for the fans. So many throwbacks and treats along the way. Can’t wait to see her again tomorrow. Now that I’ve gotten to see the show from the front row, I will record most of it tomorrow when I’m front row again in HD. Videos to come around this time tomorrow.

Hope this helped!


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