BreatheHeavy reader Nick K. saw Britney at the Topanga mall during her shopping spree yesterday, and submitted a story and photo for fans. The letter reads as follows:


I saw Britney in the Coach store at the Topanga mall near Calabasas! She was warring a white dress and some large wedge shoes, prancing around being very talkative to the staff. She claimed she had blisters on her feet and so she bought some coach shoes right then and there, off of display, and wore them out if the store! They closed the whole store down and wouldn’t let Anyone else in, I watched from the window. There weren’t any people really gawking at her, I was surprised how mellow it was.

However, the guards were staring at me like I was some kind of stalker or something, because I stood there longer than the other looky-loos! So eventually I walked away to the booth next door and bought a coke. Before I left though, Britney looked up at me, curious to see who was out there.

It was weird having her look right at me, because she up till then was only a fictional character I only saw pictures of. It’s like when a movie character cones to life, or something. I sensed something very sad in her eyes. It was almost as if the guards were guarding some piece of property or some high stock portfolio, as if she weren’t some person at all, but some cash cow that they knew they’d be in big trouble if they didn’t protect! The look in her eyes was so indescribable, almost like a lost child or some puppydog eyes. I’d never seen a sadder looking person in my life. She truly seemed like some caged bird or animal, yet her outward demeanor was one of cheer, lightheartedness, and southern charm.

What a sad, sad creature she seemed to me. She looked up at me as if she might say something, but that couldn’t have been the case, with all those guards around. Wow. What an experience. She truly had no freedom. She hurriedly ran out, making her way in a speed walk to Nieman Marcus, and cheerfully spoke on her cell phone, all smiles, as she made her exit. But that sad look in her eyes, beneath it all… I will never forget.


Nick K


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