It’s hard being famous. No, really, it can ****, OK? Britney Spears will tell you, and so will other stars … just turn on the radio.

Victim: Britney Spears
Song: Cover of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”
The message: She wants to be with Kevin Federline. Some people disapprove. But she doesn’t care!
Her problem: She can’t seem to please anybody anymore. She can’t marry a guy or two or even go into a gas-station bathroom barefoot without the tabloids taking an intense interest. So she rebels. Her clothes are dirty? Her face is caked with acne cream? Her hair’s a mess? So what? As long as the photogs don’t completely lose interest.
The solution: Make a decision — are you really weary of press scrutiny … or not? If you are, consider cutting back on things like, oh, hurling milkshakes in public, composing poems about your honeymoon and posting them online, and flipping off those delighted photographers. Don’t mug for the cameras. Don’t slob around in public. Don’t make yourself a target. And whatever you do, don’t get involved in Shar Jackson’s reality show — that thing has disaster written all over it. thanks

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