Fall Out Boy: The Music We Wrote For One Direction Was ‘Too Odd’

January 26, 2015 By Aaron


Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz claims that One Direction were a little too straight-laced to use tracks the rock band wrote for them.

Like most teen-pop sensations, One Direction seem desperate to foster a more mature image – between their hectic love lives, drug scandals and many, many tattoos, the boys have been trying to shed the cookie-cutter teen idol thing for a while now. With that in mind, the news that the group enlisted American rockers Fall Out Boy for some studio time isn’t really that shocking. What might be surprising though (depending on how you look at it) is that the British five piece chose not to include any of the FOB penned material on 2014’s ‘Four’.

Find out why Fall Out Boy think their songs didn’t make the cut below:

Speaking exclusively to the UK’s Daily Star, Wentz revealed:

Last time we were in London we wrote with the guys in One Direction, it was a great session but I don’t know if Fall Out Boy writes what One Direction wants to sing… There’s a certain area of odd that we can stake a place in, but it’s like we have the language of twins. Maybe it’s too odd for One Direction because they didn’t end up using the songs this time.

Whether their music was genuinely ‘too odd’ for One Direction is anyone’s guess, but it’s interesting that 1D were in the studio with a band so left of center and disparate from the particular brand of soft-pop/rock that the former X Factor contestants have become known for.

It seems to be a strange time for One Direction; whilst they’re arguably still one of the most powerful groups in the world, their appeal as a band seems to be waining, with people more interested in their individual personal lives than the material they’re putting out. Although the two top 40 singles they scored with last year’s “Steal My Girl” and “Night Changes” are nothing to be sniffed at and neither is the fact that ‘Four’ charted at number one in every major market that it was released, it’s undeniable that they don’t pack the chart punch that they once had. Realistically, a musical change in direction (if you’ll pardon the pun) may be necessary – no matter how ‘odd’ it is.

Rather than change things up with acts like Fall Out Boy, the boys chose to stick with Julian Bunetta for the majority of ‘Four’ which probably accounted for the mixed critical response the record received, with most critics highlighting the lack of progression from their previous albums. As well as being the in-house producer for the show that launched the boys, Bunetta produced the vast majority of their 2013 effort ‘Midnight Memories’, which suffered from a similarly mixed reaction.

At this stage it doesn’t really matter if you’re someone who considers themselves a fan of bands like Fall Out Boy or similar rock/indie acts (I sure as hell don’t), it seems clear that the boys have got to adapt in order to survive. Whilst ******** Directioners will probably stick behind them no matter what, the general public are far more fickle and no artist can survive by catering to their ******** fans alone. Personally, I’d love to see something a little more ‘odd’ from 1D; they’re talented kids, but thus far their music has been so-so at best, so something a bit more innovative – or even just something different – would be welcome.

Between Rihanna and her new found love affair with acoustic guitars, Britney’s forthcoming left-lane opus and now this… Pop isn’t safe y’all. The indie/rock invasion is real and it’s coming – you scared?

What do you think? Are Fall Out Boy too odd for 1D? Or do you want something more artsy-fartsy from the British heart-throbs?