“Whoever’s not on board can **** my d–k.”


“Whoever’s not on board can **** my d–k.”


If you are busy indulging in your personal drama or just plain terrible at reading BreatheHeavy this week, then you’ve missed the Xtina content avalanche. The pop star dropped her Kanye West-produced new single “Accelerate,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, released the music video for it, revealed her forthcoming studio album Liberation drops June 15 and confirmed a tour is in the works.


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The pop star also unleashed a trailer for her forthcoming record, Liberation (out June 15 via RCA Records). It features a candid, refreshed Xtina offering her newfound insight gained after years away from the music grind.

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“I am sensitive, I am emotional, I am vulnerable, I’m strong, I’m passionate, devoted, intuitive, I’m grounded, I am me,” she says in the clip, adding it was her personal mission to let go of masks and perfectionism.

Liberation is about giving “back to that little girl who just wants to be inspired again by truth and that sense of passion for music and singing and feeling free and alive again,” she continued. “I’ve stepped so far away from that little girl, and if that means going away for a little while and figuring out who you are again and what you have to say, then that’s what you need to do.”

It’s also worth mentioning she believes she “must have been a pornstar” in one of her past lives. Also same.

Watch below:


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