This past Monday was like any other, ordinary, normal Monday. Minus me seeing Divas and getting a little sauced. I thought: ‘no worries! I’ll just grab an extra cup of joe in the morning and get to work (*****). Little did I know I’d wake up to this:


Yea, that’s a ginormous BEYONCE logo.

Some little twerp hacked my innocent #Exhale today, banning all members from accessing it (including me) and causing me a giant headache (on top of the hangover one). Literally me all day:

Lucky for me, your boy’s got a backup server and was able to retrieve almost everything (minus some of the main page stories’ comments) and block that fool from every page of BreatheHeavy. It’s cool, I’ve been wanting to write a post encouraging users to REGISTER anyway… so thanks, twerp! And now I’m like:

Now, let’s get back to Britney, eh?