Only Britney fans have the balls to ask if Britney Spears is better and more legendary than John Lennon from The Beatles, but there’s literally hundreds of replies in Exhale claiming she is (or isn’t).

Britney’s a living legend (you can look but don’t touch), but bigger than John Lennon. JOHN LENNON?! Check out some of the replies from members in Exhale:

I don’t care for John Lennon so Britney is more of a legend to me. 

Britney is a pop icon, But not legendary… not yet anyways

Britney is a legend. And YOU, bb, will deal.

The beatles are boring

God Britdars are the most delusional fans ever

What do YOU think?! Is Britney the ultimate artist of all time, or is she up there with the greatest without being THE greatest.

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