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  2. If you are aware of the possibility that she doesn’t even have ACCESS to Instagram then how is this your confirmation she’s alright?? That would mean she didn’t even post... when she gets out she will see what? A post that she didn’t make? You sound dumb and don’t even make sense
  3. I care about B and have come here since 2006 (signed up in 08) to catch up on current news.. there has been sooooo much corruption along the way and depressing changes that come with .. life I guess.. keep coming at me with your jabs and whatever telling me to do whatever u say but I’m ME and I have freedom of text and speech and can post what I want.. who do u think u are exactly? Ur comedic. But honestly I don’t have the time so reply please and let your reply die in this trash of a thread.
  4. In the morning at Britney university you are required stand for the national anthem—rebellion
  5. I'm going to have to stop you right there. Your comment comes off super negative. BH members/readers mean the world to me. I'm venturing into subscriptions territory because ad revenue is on the decline for everyone AND it's a step in the right direction towards offering more original content and expanding. No one cares about breaking news - it's readily available everywhere. I promise you other sites will follow suit in the future. And if I wanted to do porn, then I would. But I would rather follow my passion. Love always, Jack
  6. Yes, plenty. To say something is not wrong is to be willfully blind rn I think.
  7. I don't see how it makes sense for Britney's team to make or allow Britney to film a video defending her family during her break from the mental health facility. They have every opportunity in the world to defend themselves but they're such cowards, they make Britney do it. Yes, it's wrong for people to be harassing them when they don't know what they're talking about but they'll live. They got all the money in the world, they can literally shut off social media, and live their lives if it's so bad. Do whatever it takes so Britney doesn't have to make a video just so they don't get mean comments on f**king Instagram. Instagram is not a human right, just log the f**k off.
  8. I'm tired to explain! And at th3 end of the day even your theory dont make any sense! Britney have access on ber instagram at least before enter to the facility (now we are not sure if she has or not) so even if she didnt wright it herself when she will be out she will see it..lol
  9. yes sweetie an online empire that millions of pop culture and diehard Britney fans know about. not to mention, the most consistent and popular Britney forum in history. literally no ones forcing you to be here so what’s the point of being a lowlife hater if you hate breatheheavy so much? imo, move the f**k on, get on with your life and stop being a hypocrite. this ain’t 2014 anymo’.
  10. “my family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately” @Britney But babygirl on TMZ and every other media under daddy, lou and larry payroll, they said it was you who were going all of this, when we saw them going fishing and posting all smiles for the gram we couldn't have guessed. If there going under too much stress and anxiety surely they can also go into a facility cool like yours or may be they need a c-ship to protect them from the "trolls"
  11. if that’s not proof that the c-ship isn’t in Brit’s best interest.... Fan blog owner that is consistently worried about Britney’s well being: BANNED Tabloid blog owner that said Britney should die: Invited to do videos for world tour... ughhhhh theyre so f**ked up
  12. We all have degrees from the University of Britney Spears too
  13. Omg she has her own school and a investigations bureau!?! What a queen
  14. BreatheHeavy = online empire ? gurl please enter reality.. the shade room is more successful.. and they are looked at as the trash of the internet
  15. Perez was pro c-ship from day one and wrote about how daddy saved her life .
  16. sweets, noone's acting like he cares about anyone in here. we're just the people who happen to spend some time and have a laugh on HIS site. thank u it scalated real quick
  17. Oh please, don’t be a hypocrite when you are the one who’s browsing his site as well. The man has built an online empire from nothing and we will continue to support his ass (no pun intended). What have you done with your pathetic self?
  18. we literally becoming detectives.. breatheheavy detective agency THE BDA.
  19. @land is an icon for those pictures and the timeline
  20. I wonder if there is anyway that someone can rip the file and maybe see when it was filmed on? Is that possible or am I reaching
  21. The proof that should make everyone open their eyes is right there about how many times she has tried to fight the cship.
  22. They deleted your comment again on IG @breathheavy the ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ‘s you posted no longer show up in my “following” activity timeline.
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