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  2. I hope she bought that teddy at the gift shop and didn't bring it with her...
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  4. aw FFS!! I really hate when people make light of when she shaved her head in 2007. its disgusting tbh. when she did it in 2007, she was having a mental breakdown and it was a cry for help, not a f---ing PR stunt. Also, if she shaved her head again, the only thing it would achieve is her family would think shes having another breakdown, she'd end up being sectioned again, then her dad would get full c-ship again, then she would lose custody of her boys...…..why do this to sell a load of albums?? sorry OP but you're disgusting to suggest that tbh
  5. How do you know this is the family home? I don’t think it is... it definetly is not 1,000 acres. If you look at the family home it has no land on it. pretty sure that court summary is about some land that the spears are using for fishing ...britney was seen fishing there right after HIAM was released and it’s also where Maddie almost drowned.
  6. Thanks doll sugarfall has that song in it as well as man on the moon, perfect lover and gimme more sippin On has thinkin bout you, Sosa pop and early mornin
  7. I will continue posting pics of course Roger, u are sweet aswell!!
  8. I would love that idea. It would be the most viewed one of all time
  9. just imagine if the conservatorship ends and she will die after that.. it reminds me what happened to MJ... maybe they will kill her and they will look it like she had an overdose of drugs bc there were nobody to look over her... could this be possible with all these death posts I won't think about it a lot because it scares me what do you guys think?
  10. I need XRAY in my life, the few times it has been down I was legit lost  Thank you for the continuous hard work, and I hope that you will still be an active user on here you are so kind
  11. Nah, everyone will think that she totally lost her mind and there will be nothing more damaging for her life and career than shaving her head again so, no oh and not to mention that they'd extend her conservatorship until she dies and lock her up in a structure for the rest of her life... the only good thing for her life now is to get rid of Lou, Jamie & Co. And then if she wants to come back the best thing she could do for her career is to reinvent herself, live singing, meaningful songs (i think we're all tired of her singing about sex and that's also one of the reasons why the gp don't take her seriously as an artist ) but if she wants to take a break after the C-ship then fine, i wish her the best and i will always love her!
  12. Thank you soooo sooo much guys I didn't expect so many nice comments.
  13. Thank you I also hope we find a way you still can come easily to XRAY. Haven't talked to Jordan about it. But guess he might finds a way
  14. I think it would be a good thing to do if she will feel better.. If she wants to say that she wasn’t crazy in 2007 and shaving her head was the right thing to do that time it will be cool act.. im not saying that she should promote album inthat way.. but on the other hand even without cship she will be chained in that kind of acts - cship naught return because of that
  15. All of them are iconic for me - except criminal one..
  16. the beginning sounds like Madonna's part lol never heard of it tbh but cool song !
  17. This concert set standards for all pop stars. That's why it's the best water scene
  18. There’s something very childish about her..like that cute young bubblegum image she displays is just strange for an almost 38 year old. She was never really like that, so it’s almost like her mindset has gone back to how she was when younger, if that makes sense.
  19. Just like Judge Brenda said nothing adds up and how can a full grown functioning adult going on world tours be deemed mentally incompent HENCE INVESTIGATION. The previous judge was a known corrupt person. She was in her early 20s, people at that age do tons of crazy sh!t. We all done stuff where we look back and go “ugh why did Do that” that doesn’t mean they are mentally incompetent. We and learn from our mistakes. If she can prove she’s sane, she’s not stupid enough to get herself in trouble just like now you know not to touch fire because it burns.
  20. People’s attacks on Sam just keep getting dumber. Now he’s a sh!tty person and bad boyfriend because he doesn’t have a goofy personality? And he’s self-absorbed because of the pics he, a fitness model and personal trainer, posts on social media? And now even his simple ass caption is irk-worthy? Goddamn. Let the dude live.
  21. But seriously, my favourite one is the Stronger rain scene where she's touching her face. If I remember correctly, I think Selena Gomez recreated this scene. And also this steamy wet hair look from Womanizer.
  22. There was that “you’re no fan of mine” comment when she pulled out of some awards show on doctors advice but it was probably fake
  23. You forgot the water/rain act from POM.
  24. Overprotected and then my prerogative comes close in the 2nd!!
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