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  2. you have been in this game thread, long enough, and not participating.
  3. Stannedforever

    news Non-Americans! Does your country still care about britney?

    So obviously i'm from finland 1. There are 12 britney related articles released this year on finnish biggest news site "iltalehti" 2. "Britney is still as fit as she was on 90s - this is her workout" and the article is about her instagram workout videos 3. Article about kevin wanting more money has a lot of comments dissing kevin for being greedy 4 This is the most used photo of her (among with other glaad pics) 5. Her last charting album is glory at #8 and song is work bitch #9 6. BOMT was obviously her biggest hit on finland too but she actually had a lot of hits here. Even my prerogative went #1 7. Some radio stations play her pretty often, top 40 stations sometimes has throwback programs and her songs are played. Work bitch, bomt, piece of me and womanizer are played mostly lol
  4. (Rainbow Puke Land where Britney lives in) 1. All the news are Britney related. It's Britney's world 2. "G00 Ring singer did it.... againnn!" 3. "Britney Queen!!!" "MOM" "LUV U!" 4. 5. IDK 6. IDK 7. All the time! and IDK, I turn it off You're welcome!
  5. the fact that you redirected me to hexagram is no co-incidence. we live in an intertangible universe.
  6. Alone? Ok, a better question is - do you also dig that suff ?
  7. Burn me with fire but io think it is an important number
  8. Thank you Are you a follower ? I actually dig that kind of stuff
  9. CologneAndCandyLotion

    other Setlist for Europe tour

    Or it can be just Britney Jean from start to finish. This critically acclaimed album deserves the praise
  10. Nope, they don't but every now and then I see Facebook shares of her songs. I've seen people share Overprotected, Toxic, Everytime, and BOMT. And she actually gets likes so people remember her. But other than that, they never play her songs on the radio, the last time I heard one of her songs here was in 2010 and it was Womanizer. In 2007, she was talked about a lot, now she gets zero coverage.
  11. CologneAndCandyLotion

    other Setlist for Europe tour

    A bit much to ask for ACT 1 Hold It Against Me Womanizer Break The Ice/Piece of Me ACT 2 Oops...I Did It Again Baby One More Time Overprotected ACT 3 Me Against The Music Gimme More Do You Wanna Come Over? Clumsy/Change Your Mind ACT 4 Scream And Shout/Boys Work Bitch 3 ACT 5 I'm A Slave 4 U Freakshow Breathe On Me/Touch of my Hand Slumber Party Make Me ACT 6 Circus If U Seek Amy Lucky ACT 7 Toxic Stronger/Crazy I Wanna Go Till The World Ends
  12. I'm from this small country called Finland and I noticed that Britney still gets media cover in here every once in a while. So I made this little poll for my fellow non-americans to see if britney is still worldwide queen. First I want you to go to your country's biggest news sites and search Britney related news. Then answer these questions. (tell your country first) 1. How many britney related news are there from this year? (if none, when was the latest britnry related article released?) 2. Traslate any britney related title to us 3. If there's any comments, are they positive or negative (translate any) 4. What pictures they are using on the articles Now go to your country's official charts. Search Britney spears 5. What is her last charting song? 6. What is her highest charting song? 7. Is she still played on mainstream radio in your country? If so, what's the last song you've heard and when? Thanks for answering. I will answer my own questions in next message.
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