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  2. It's crazy to me that you got downvoted over praising people for looking into PUBLIC information. PUBLIC. There's a reason why Jansen liked this post:
  3. Guys I’ve missed like 20 pages and I’m not gonna go back. But I just wanted to say...can we take a moment and thank the Gram girls for making us into little Britney detectives. If it weren’t for their investigative journalism none of us would have started trying to find all this public stuff we never looked at before.
  4. I think he got sober in 2004 after rehab: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/thumbnails.php?album=7740 He was still a total drunk when she was a superstar in 1999 - mid-2004.
  5. OMG... so in 2002 he was claiming how conservatorship put at risk the conservatees for/or fiduciary and even physical abuse and all of this was based on his experience , less than 10 years he is on 2 shady c-ship case, one lost against the attorney Streisand . Second shady case : Britney spears and surprise surprise Streisand was the attorney Ms Spears hired to fight the c-ship .

    other I really want to change Britney's WIKIPEDIA picture

    Ikr, wikipedia saves our lifes.
  7. What’s this got to do with Britney? It’s from 2002.
  8. I didnt know that. I remember he said in 2008 he was sober. Do u know if he got sober when her kids were born?
  9. Overprotected made me a Britney fan. It's her best song and a soundtrack for her life, sadly.
  10. Not sure who downvoted this post tbh
  11. Id love a summary thread, it would be so helpful for a lot of people, but I fear Jordan will merge to this one eventually so all would be for nothing
  12. shes like all over news outlets in everyones mouths shes everywhere again "its controversy, thats what they all want" irrelevantney is gone and now the papp are and will hunt her down again
  13. “as my rent has steadily escalated over the last three years, I request that I be reimbursed an additional $800.00 per month for my office expense for the time period of November 1, 2012, through August 31, 2013,” He also asked “that I be authorized to spend the sum of $2,000 monthly, rather than the previously ordered $1,200 monthly, for my office space in a secure location that is dedicated to Britney’s activities.” amie claimed to use the office to complete Brit’s business duties, such as the recently concluded “negotiations with respect to Britney’s upcoming concert series at Planet Hollywood . hold on... First : What offices exactly Papa spears because y'all share the same adress with Lou's company in Brentwood and Nashville (i haven't looked about your LA adress about i am about to do it ) including that Calvary Chapel at those same adress too Second : All those companies , including the one who concluded the deal POM like Atara Tours Inc are under your name (even though you put recently Britney as President of Atara in 2018 after POM residency was over) all others companies old and news are under your name and god knows how much you make as the president of those companies, why is Britney paying the rent of offices for companies that are yours ? Is Britney you paying Lou's and chapel offices rent ? i'm just asking
  14. Just wait britney will releaae rebellion
  15. So now that Britney is released from the facility. Should we start trending amother hashtag but this time including the conservatorship so it's not confused with a mental health thing. Something like #endbritneyconservatorship What do you think?
  16. Loves it! Puts all the songs into a whole new perspective. Especially Slave!
  17. Oh my god . I just ...... f**king let's expose this religious theif bitch. Let's attack her and expose her all over social media .
  18. FreeAsMyHair

    exhale Britney released from mental facility

    In the end it doesn't matter how long she was there. The only thing which matters to me is that she seems not happy and something very fishy is going on.
  19. this podcast is really great guys, and they make a lot of sense with the theories. you can definitely tell that there's a constant narrative being made up for Britney in the press to make her look a certain way, which prob won't help when it comes to conservatorship matters even if it's just public impression
  20. colormefresh

    exhale Britney released from mental facility

    That random podcast with the “paralegal”.
  21. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6506025/Sumner-Redstone-ordered-court-appointed-guardian-speech-impediment.html Sumner Redstone is ordered to have court-appointed guardian Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cowan said he was appointing the guardian because Redstone has extreme difficulty speaking, according to The Wall Street Journal. Samuel Ingham, III has reportedly been offered the guardianship, according to Deadline. Redstone’s mental capacity is not at issue, the judge said. The judge agreed, saying Redstone wasn't mentally incapacitated but did suffer from a severe speech impediment First y'all better be good talker in LA... And y'all still believe that Britney's sealed docs are because they want to protect her Reminder of what judge said about Britney's c-ship “The conservatorship is necessary and appropriate for the complexity of financial and business entities and her being susceptible to undue influence,” Goetz said her being susceptible to undue influence let's keep under a c-ship cuz she has bad friends who can profit from her money cuz that's totally a reason to take away someone rights
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