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  2. If this investigation finds nothing wrong with this c-ship then people have been paid. There is just way to much things wrong with it and the fact fans found things with just having access to internet then surely they will also find things and other things they would have access to. I really hope britney gets good news from this hearing next month.
  3. Guys , can we discuss the possible outcomes and the consequences of each decision the judge makes after the coming hearing? What could happen in the September hearing? Is it possible that the judge can make the decision to end the C-ship in the hearing after ? Or does cancelling the C-ship take an even longer process? Or will it conclude the investigations , which then leads to the judge to either be in favour of the C-ship or rule it out as a convienient process? . How critical is this coming hearing?
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  5. Exactly , y'all never wonder how Jamie who has kinda always worked in the building, never wanted left his south happened to work as a cooker in Los Angeles right around the time the cship was on its way to be put in place ? How did he get that job ? Jamie the old alcoholic who has been sober for years according to some source was called by Britney Spears her "drunk father" in an email in July 2007... couple of months before the cship , we lately managed to find "archive" of him drinking and then driving while being a conservator .
  6. Queen of having the disposable income to cover her entire house in flowers but claiming it's only in the reach of imagination. Subtle dig at the C-Ship I see
  7. I almost can’t listen to Myah’s studio version anymore...Thank Godney for Apple Music Festival HQ mp3. Wish there was a version without audience though...
  8. Only feeling the Britney Jean edit. The rest just look like...somebody else. Except maybe Fantasy In Bloomney...
  9. Oh no! Oops. You will never unsee it I swear.
  10. I can’t at BJ leading the poll. it’s always looked like “Butney Jean” to me.
  11. Just like its album cover, Britney Jean is great, I think it's really cute and fits the album cover well. It's not my favourite, however. That would have to go to Femme Fatale. It's really stylish and sexy, I love it!
  12. Both videos look good, and 4K is great as always, but why do they have to upload a new video? Non-Sony-remastered videos (like those of the Spice Girls, Lady Gaga and Janet) were somehow uploaded without having to post a completely new video, they were just updated / replaced. So, why can't Sony do the same? I also *loathe* how they put "HD" or "4K" in huge, bold letters on the thumbnail. One, that's unnecessary, they already have information about that in the title. Two, that just looks horrible and straight-out-of a top 10 video or something. Just, NO.
  13. Yes, you recall correctly, but I always remembered it as her saying that had she not been an entertainer, she probably would've become a math teacher. This is the video where she talks about it. She says she'd be either a lawyer, a make-up artist or a schoolteacher: Starts at 9:26; for some reason, I didn't have the option to timestamp it. 😐
  14. " III " receives favorable reviews on Metacritic Rating: 78% - ‎10 reviews come thru kween!
  15. I think it's better if she play into her Matilda character and go to law school with Kim Kardashian, it would be flawless to see them holding hands grabbing lunch between classes
  16. She wants to be a dentist and you all will deal.
  17. Here are two new examples of Sony Remasters. Unfortunatly, they are uploading new videos instead of replace the old ones.
  18. Yeah, I think she’s said in multiple interviews before that she would’ve been an elementary school teacher or a dance teacher - for kids, specifically. She’s also said she thought she would make a great lawyer hoping that she’s channeling that with this whole investigation going on!
  19. OMG SHE LOOKS SO GOOD HERE! HER HAIR, HER FACE, HER MAKEUP, HER BODY, SAM, EVERYTHING. Those fillers and fun stuff looks to have worn off quite well. PLEASE STAY THIS WAY
  20. She said she wanted to be a lawyer named Matilda
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