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  2. Does anyone have that 2 second clip of Jordan on the IABJ docu from 2013? @WhatYouNeed, perhaps?
  3. everyone’s finding their soulmate in this thread..ugh this is the content I would like to see.
  4. GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! Britney herself asked us fans to respect her silence. "Your love and dedication is amazing, but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy..." I don't think her team is THAT evil and she is THAT stupid... She is not being kidnapped and obliged to record a video message... C'MON!! LET'S BE SERIOUS! Our beloved needs our support and she needs to concentrate on her situation. She wanna be in control and she's trying. Unfortunately we do not know her CLINICAL HISTORY and we should not judge her doctors and her father. We don't know sh!t!
  5. I’m such a flop I can’t find it but I literally know it’s somewhere in this thread around the time when people were theorizing that most of Britney’s Instagram/Twitter is actually Lou doing it for her. Idk how far back it is but I’m going to keep looking
  6. I don’t know how I feel about the new post by her.... I just... 😐😭 I’m even more confused and concerned about the whole thing x
  7. Can iggy or someone else who has Britney's number contact her? Something about that video doesn't sit right with me.
  8. Not sure how I feel about the latest video. I freaked out when I got her post notification today. Something is definitely fishy about it, and her post too. I guess we'll see what happens... I do hope some kind of independent investigation is done to check her handlers out and her situation. Til then, I am boycotting the Britney brand.
  9. @PokemonSpears followed u on insta btw @d4nielr
  10. How can be the #FREEBRITNEY thing over??? Her shitty team is just trying to fool us... And what, my girl is still going to be overprotected?? I'm sad... And pissed. Jamie Spears, you're going to burn in hell for taking away freedom and money from your daughter.
  11. This reminded me of “give it up for... HIM!” She really doesn’t recognize ANYONE
  12. Yeah this is the prevailing theory I'd say my friend
  13. I have the top she’s wearing, it’s from zara
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