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  2. Airhead is a compliment. This opportunist played along with her team’s lie that she checked herself in voluntarily. Posting how brave she was for that or whatever. He’s worse than just a dumbass.
  3. You're completely right. If she stays in this c-ship, her career is just going to continue to go downhill. It would be better if she just retired. They give her no freedom and they don't even let her talk during interviews unless it's scripted and they know all the questions, know what Brit will say, etc. She use to be so real during interviews. She would say how she felt, what was happening, she would address things. Even in For The Record. Now? They keep her drugged up on meds so they can control her and theres I'm sure threats with all of that. Just my opinion. If she gets out, that would be huge and I can definitely see a comeback. I really hope she gets free.
  4. I mean I get it, it’s hollywood where there’s fake relationships everywhere but like her team is really cheap cuz this guy is like a one trick pony. He has no personality, I can count his many face expressions with five fingers. Looking at the clip, it’s like his face is permanently the same thing while Britney is being her goofball self. Either he’s too afraid to look silly or he’s just an air headed gym bro.
  5. She looks like she’s de-aged about 10 years and all her surgery has reversed itself
  6. A comeback would be HUGE if she is free from the c-ship and also ditches Lou and her father (which I'm sure she would) - She needs a entire new team. I then hope she does tons of interviews about what her life was like for years, the control, etc. It would be massive. Either that or write a book. Expose them, and come back stronger than ever, legend.
  7. If the c-ship doesn't end, I will not be supporting a comeback. She is almost 40 and deserves to have freedom. Lou Taylor and her father need to GO. Get out of her life and let her live her life and do what SHE wants. You all have made more than enough money off of her. I really hope no one supports a comeback if she's not free from the c-ship. Once she's out, support her of course! I do think once she's free Britney will give us one more album, but it needs to be on her terms. I then see her going away for a few years.
  8. Are we not gonna talk about how incredible she looks?
  9. Today
  10. this! you described how I feel as a fan back then... that she was always improving herself and this stopped! she's just a celebrity now with everything handed to her by her boring team. maybe if she was free she would just go into her car and drive to Miley's house:
  11. Well said. To be honest Britney the performer died after ITZ, Britney the artist died after Blackout... that’s how I always see it. I was a fan from the start but musically she just stopped growing and became less appealing though I still checked out her music. The c-ship stuff brought me back to reading about her and it made everything make sense. Some people here haven’t been fans from the start so they have no idea what it used to be like to be a fan. How each era was REALLY interesting, how she had more and more input with each album, the performances... It used to be interesting to watch how she writes more and explore more. She’s now more controlled and sadly more basic than ever. Even her writing credits seem fake. She just stopped being interesting as an artist (I still listen to her music, but that’s not the point). To think she’s been reduced to posting workout videos and acting insecure with the same guy who was complicit in her teams story about how she checked in to a mental healthy facility, and how brave she is for doing that... when she was being held against her will. Does she even know he went along with that story?
  12. lol bookmark this thread someone.
  13. And of course it's better than the official DVD
  14. yeah, unfortunately with the same old ass team, this is already in contract with larry.
  15. I think the Myah Jean one is probably my favorite funny tho cause the only good thing about that album is the logo/font and some photos
  16. yeah but britney also is fast with herself too, she gets bored easily, she lives in a bubble, it must be boring to live in that mansion for months and just go to the gym basically... so she went with it too... i wish she was like a real artist who also spends time recording writing and such at home too, not just waiting for her team to make a schedule to visit producers. they should provide her a producer to go home teach her and explore music and vibe with her so she can grow as an artist (this is a dream, unfortunately, she's over it), but yeah, music is kinda hard for this to be real but they could do that with a choreographer, to go like 2 days a week dance with her so she just can keep and improve her flow. and she can show us like she did with one of her dancers, better than just gym and sam asghari videos on her instagram.
  17. I was today years old when I learned about this
  18. I see this happening, just because of all the noise we made and to portray a better image to Team Cship, which is sad. But hey, it's also the begining of something better, I hope
  19. Queen of facebook stories where that was also posted
  20. At this point of her career I’ll take that over prisoner Britney pushing out more music and tours. Not only is it causing damage to her legacy, it’s just disgusting to watch how she’s being used. I would take a retirement over that.
  21. Agreed. I hope she’s free soon and able to see things more clearly after some time off and dump this leech.
  22. she is looking AMAZING.... its crazy what going just a lil bit easier on that eye liner can do to her face. Looking fresh Gurl!!!!!
  23. Sam A. is the most calculating and bad boyfriend who's has thought of Britney's life. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. His coldness impresses me. All this case of corruption and illegal entry into a psychiatric facility and that this idiot is complicit in all this.
  24. But summer love will keep us warm long after
  25. You know Larry is always in for a comeback. I'm sure he is already mapping out his dream promo plan with a whole new storyline of a battered popstar's return to Glory.
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