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  2. Britney fans are the most attractive fanbase just like our fave, that is a proven fact, and if a person doesn’t like Britney, it’s usually because that person is ugly. It’s science, hence why they created the little monsters.
  3. I needed a few hours to process the Instagram post, but here are my thoughts. The facts still speak volumes. First, and biggest of all, Britney has no civil rights due to a mysterious mental illness that is so severe she must be on consistent medication and check in to mental facilities, but... she still works. And she works hard. Like, she's a mother in her late thirties and she still has abs hard. That sentence in and of itself is a paradox that the fan base will not ignore any longer. One cannot be sick to the point of the loss of all human rights, but also work harder than most humans do. Second, the BritneysGram voicemail, THE catalyst for the #freebritney movement, was never addressed in the Instagram post. Instead, Sam Lutfi's emails were? Illogical, an obvious attempt to distract from the issues at hand. Britney also does not own a cell phone, yet records a video. Britney's mom is liking comments saying she needs to be freed, still no word from her. Constant censorship from Britney's team for days now ever since this began. All major media outlets picking up on Britney's post while they completely ignored the #freebritney movement. All in all, this is the work of some very deceptive and manipulative people. They may have won the battle, but we will win the war.
  4. Definitely, the only thing that’s worrying me is sams comment... it’s now making me think who is he trying to protect?
  5. I believe that the caption was added after Britney sent the video message to her team. They mentioned the emails to cover Lou Taylor's ass.
  6. We know plenty. Have you checked out the restrictions she’s under in her public court docket?
  7. Oh she posted on Insta? That’s interesting. Yeah it could be old as a sort of cover up. Who knows.
  8. Why can't people question the conservatorship? If people can recognize how exploitative parents of child stars can be (which Britney was also a child star), why is it so wrong to question the conservatorship when she's in the same position as a child star? She's under the custody of her parents, she makes millions of dollars for other people, but doesn't have full control over her finances. That just doesn't sound ethical at all.
  9. what happened to this thread? why can't we have the normal Sam Lutfi emails or death treats?
  10. Britneys insta message... looks like an old video to me... but comments on there from Sam? So I’m even more f**king confused & they’ve got the emojis wrong again - theory it’s wrote by Lou.
  11. Britney has the most attractive fans...how is everyone here hot
  12. oh i'm sorry sweets. haven't watched anything from it since 2013
  13. after the video, I don’t know what to think of the #freebritney movement highlights have been the email leak where she tells her lawyer to please do something about her stalker because “if I’m dead I can’t sign your checks”, the poorly-attended protest of gays in weho yesterday chanting “she’s not your bitch” and backlash to Jamie Lynn’s tweet saying how close she is to her sister (people pulling receipts saying Britney found out about her pregnancy from a paparazzo, etc) lowlights have been the staged photo op, anything written by TMZ (therefore commissioned by her camp) and general silence on the issue from public figures we used to think that the conservatorship was just to keep her off the witness stand/from having to give evidence in court my overall conclusion before the instagram video: a judge granted her full custody of her kids, if she’s deemed legally responsible enough to care for 2 lives she should be deemed legally responsible to take care of her own also I think it’s on record that she’s tried to challenge the conservatorship before but the judge deemed her incapable of hiring an attorney but the streets have been talking that some woman on social media saw Britney in her office, where there is also some big showbiz lawyer (fingers crossed for ed shapiro) and I thought the kettle was on for some tea but she made a video basically saying she’s fine, to stop & that lufti made the emails should we stop
  14. Okay this thread had a massive increase overnight (again). What did I miss?
  15. Does anyone have that 2 second clip of Jordan where he was featured on the IABJ docu from 2013? @WhatYouNeed, perhaps?
  16. definitely 2014 Edit: August 15, 2014 That same month we also had, on August 31:
  17. everyone’s finding their soulmate in this thread..ugh this is the content I would like to see.
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