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  3. Also her educating us about global warning and ozone holes
  4. Well, they hadn't JUST broken up. They broke up in what, March 2002,and this was in August 2003. It's almost year and a half, so he clearly overreacted...
  5. This has been going on since 2009 and she was in horrible condition in 2011 and nobody said anything...
  6. The most scary thing is that behind Jamie are the same lawyers as in MJ last years. The same that saw how weak he was physically and still pushed him to do This is It Tour no matter what because they earn money even if MJ is dead or alive. I would say that dead MJ brought them more money than he could with This is It Tour or any further Tour(I read they had idea to make a world tour in the case of success of London concerts). So basically Jamie and his lawyers most likely don't care about Britney well being because even dead she can bring lots of money. I even think that they would be excited to make as much money as possible from dead Britney and she could even try to "fight" with MJ and Elvis to br the best earning dead person. Don't forget that MJ since 2009 made 2 billions!
  7. just a simple change of hair color can really lift up your spirit. The queen was really glowing at that time and also it was nice to see different shades of color, i think blue would look super on her
  8. This circus is going to end 1 day. I just hope it won't be too late. All that money hungry ppl will take that they deserve anyway.
  9. They just want to prevent the public from knowing that the guardianship is just a staging to chase Britney from a comeback to the next one
  10. The way her team were more than fine to paint her as unhinged and a hazard to herself for months this year with the daily TMZ / The Blast articles to remind us Britney was basically half-dead, and now there’s an issue with her medical files being out in the open. They aren’t worried for her safety or the safety of her children obviously. The only reason they leaked that info to the Blast is only to reinforce the fact that Britney is unwell, nothing else. They didn't bother doing it years before so publicly.
  11. Brit's father is a abusive control freak. He's loving that he has control over her. He loves the power and the money she brings in. How can he just completely cut Lynne out of her life? Britney and her mother were ALWAYS extremely close. I think he was pissed about that, and the fact that Brit basically cut him out years ago. I can't believe Lynne fell for his sh!t though at one time
  12. He's seriously the one that needs to be under a conservatorship! His old crazy ass
  13. They will stop at nothing will they. All of this is because they are shaking and they are pulling out all the stops. They know the end is in sight. Come thru Lynne!
  14. Not until you'll see one in other stores I hope all the vinyls sound good and are not just made from CD masters, because if it's just taken from CDs it's too loud for vinyl and distortion may appear. I want my vinyl-Brinty to be as much HQ as possible
  15. Plus I really can imagine that if conservatorship doesn't finish now and it will keep going and Britney's boys turn 18 and if they start doing something to help their mom go out from this BS they can be separated like now Jamie is trying to separate Britney from her mom.
  16. Well but it is true. I don't wish she would do that or something. But this is something that would come to my mind if I were in Britney's shoes. Because I cant believe how hopeless Britney will feel if after September nothing changes. This is the best moment for her to get out of this BS with Free Britney movement so if it doesn't work and nothing changes I really think she will never be free and I think she will get additional restrictions.
  17. Britney has her fathers body though
  18. Britney's father is ill. He wants to protect Britney from something that does not exist.
  19. Do we know if Urban Outfitters will eventually start selling the Oops/Britney/In The Zone vinyls in stores, like they did with the BOMT?
  20. This is sick... I am so much speechless... If Britney doesn't go out from this BS conservatorship I can't imagine how she will manage to live. If I were her I guess I would start thinking of suicide. Its the only one way she can get out of this hell for sure. Anyway Britney is so strong she managed this BS for the last 11 years.
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