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A Silhouette Entrance

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I wouldn't mind a FF style opening again tbh. The screens moving open while she's on the stand, there's tons of smoke and then, bam the light hits her. It was kinda incredible.

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I prefer something like Circus tour intro. It  really shows POWER (honestly idk what word to use)

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21 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

why does everyone like that so much?? She is just trampeling onto the stage??? :ineedthetruth: To me its her most ovverrated entrance

She has done so many more epic entrances

  • Circus ceiling entrance
  • DWAD Tour Entrance
  • VMA 2000 Entrance
  • VMA 2001 Entrance
  • Gimme More FF Tour Entrance
  • DWAD music box entrance
  • DWAD baby one more time entrance
  • Onyx tour BOM entrance
  • circus tour OOB entrance
  • 2003 AMA entrance
  • Circus Tour Womanizer Entrance
  • Onyx Hotel MATM entrance

agreed on all of these being amazing, but a lot of these were in the middle of a show (i.e. gimme more on FFT, DWAD BOMT, DWAD music box, etc.)

when i think ENTRANCE, i think the first time we are seeing britney, whether at an award show or on tour (circus ceiling entrance, DWAD OIDIA, 2003 AMA). so on that note i disagree with you, but i do love all of the "entrances" that you listed. but only a few of them are TRUE entrances, meaning the first time we see britney.

as for the iheart entrance, i really liked this too because she was so confident. she was singing work bitch (an anthem tbh) and not just trampling to the stage, she was MARCHING and serving looks and confidence. it had a very militant feel overall - the outfit, the confidence, the song, the marching, the dancers marching along with her leading the way (but probably actually protecting her from fans haha), the camera work following from in front of her. it was all really great in my opinion. as much as i would love to see her take it slow and interact with fans on the way to the stage, i just don't think it would've had the same feel. maybe for some other performance, but not this one. it would ruin that militant confident vibe if she moved slowly and reached out to fans.

that being said, someone mentioned that an entrance like this could only be reserved for something televised/recorded, and i totally agree. it would not have the same effect on just a random tour if she was to just march in like this. i think a lot of what made this great was the camera work. for a tour, she could do this for another song or performance and take it slow and reach out to fans (in my dreams tho hahaha)

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22 hours ago, JustLuvMe said:

Britney should incorporate more of them in the future, they really give you a larger than life feeling.





i do love a good silhouette entrance. contrary to popular opinion, i actually really enjoyed the VMA 2016 performance (especially the entrance). was it an amazing performance? no. was it terrible? no. it was just good. but i really did like the silhouette entrance with the hands and such.

i just think there is one of two things that could've elevated this to the next level - either live singing or harder choreo.

the choreography sucked - i hate the MM choreo sorry - but since it's not that hard or taxing, she should've sang live (along with me myself and i), which i think could've elevated the performance if she sounded good. could've been the comeback everyone was anticipating.

but if she was going to lipsync like she did, then she should've had better/harder choreography. i know MM is tough to have hard choreo because it's a slower song, but i've seen what some of these choreographers and dancers can do. they can make it happen.

but back to the main topic.... the entrance was epic. it really was a great start to the performance. i was like "oh wow a nice silhouette she's wearing a dress that's crazy how is she going to dance OH WAIT IT'S NOT A DRESS IT'S PEOPLE!"

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