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J. Balvin, Jeon and Anitta Channel 'Mad Max' In Their Fiery Music Video For "Machika"

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J. Balvin, Jeon and Anitta set the world ablaze in the music video for "Machika."

I know there's a lot of loyal BreatheHeavy readers outside of the U.S. tuning in. I'm going to be real with you – I can't understand most of the words in "Machika," BUT music is a universal language and I happen to be fluent in it (cringe).

Balvin's DJ Chuckie and ChildsPlay-produced new tune, featuring Brazilian singer Anitta and Aruban newcomer Jeon, is a monster, and it's a got a music video to match. In it, Balvin rounded up several of his global music influencers and brought them to lush and desolate environments in his hometown of Medellin and created a post-apocalyptic video straight out of Mad Max.

Here's some press release jargon from Balvin:

"[Collaborating] with Willy William and then Beyonce helped internationalize my music but without departing from my culture, which I hold close to my heart. I am very excited about following up that success with ‘Machika’ -- working with a truly international team of collaborators that stretches from Brazil, Afro-Caribbean and European EDM. It continues to bring the sounds of reggaeton into a global music environment.”

This one's a hit. Check it out below:

Thoughts on "Machika?"? Leave a comment below!

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