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Britney Spears has just proven herself to be the nicest human being on the planet. 

Celebrity interviewer David LeCours took to Twitter to open up about an intimate encounter with the pop star back in 2014 which will truly melt your heart. 

Shortly before meeting Spears, LeCours bought matching bracelets called "strength beads" for the two of them.

During their encounter, the interviewer told Spears how she had saved his life with her music and gave her one of the bracelets. 

Britney responded by saying how touched and proud she was of LeCours. You'd expect that response obviously, but Britney really meant it. 

Now, four years later, it's been revealed that Spears is still wearing the matching bracelet. 

He wrote: "When I met Britney Spears in 2014 and told her how she/her music saved my life, I got us matching bracelets that are called 'strength beads.'"

He added: "She was so touched and told me she loved it and how proud she was of me. She still wears it to this day, I just love her so much." 

Another Twitter user then managed to compile a series of images showing the popstar wearing the bracelet throughout her Vegas residency.



When will others to be honest? :kyliecry:

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12 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

That is so cute! Wish I had a friendship bracelet with Brinni :anxiety:

Imagine :anxiety:

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You see, she doesn’t need to be the loudest or over the Top about How she cares about every single thing all the time, sometimes less is more








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all the money in the world and she chooses to wear a bracelet from a fan for four years to show her support. What an amazing person tbh.

Just shows that although her anxiety doesn't always show her as being "genuine" or "not-caring" this woman cares more than any other popstar.


Either that, or she just liked the bracelet, will.i.am came up with it :tiffcackle:

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Some warmth...!!!!!!! :)

Just have to have a post in this hearttouching thread!

And God, I feel so dear today.

And now this.



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One of the reasons why I believe in humanity is because she's part of it. :sobbing:

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