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Britney's Best Youtube Comments For Each Video

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...Baby One More Time  -  "2017 I’m listening this song haha"

Sometimes  -  "back when LOVE is still SEXY, not just random SEX"

(You Drive Me) Crazy -  "No smartphones era."

Born to Make You Happy- " nostalgia"

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart  -"watching in 2017  "

Oops!... I Did It Again - "It makes me wanna travel in time and live in 2000 all over again!"

Lucky - "After 20 years i understand what missing is her twin sister"

Stronger - "I love this song, so much! "

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know -"Who else is having a britney tour? haha"

I'm a Slave 4 U - "Opps i watched again 2017..."

Overprotected - "thumbs up if youre watching this in 2017"

I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman - "I'm 23 and I'm still trying to figure out what will happen in my future. I've loved this song since I was around 9 or 10 years old "

I Love Rock 'n' Roll -"Why so much hate? I think that's a nice cover"

Boys -"Britney has been... Garthed!"

Me Against the Music-"the queen and the princess"

Toxic  -I can't believe this is from 2003. I just can't"

Everytime -"This song is beautiful  And this is my favourite song from her."

Outrageous -"Things that fucked up her career: The injury, and fucking Kevin Federline."
My Prerogative "Can we just agree that this video is so fucking underrated? I mean, she drives a freaking car into a freaking pool and emerges like a goddess!!!!! This is as iconic as iconic can be."

Do Somethin'-"alright alright alright ,I get older, she stay the same age."

Someday (I Will Understand) -"I'm her fan since 2009 so tell my why I never hear about this lovley song"

Gimme More- "Everyone was talking about this song & video back in the school... It was fun... I miss 2007!"

Piece Of Me- "miss american dream ❤"

Break the Ice -"I loved that early 2000s trend of animated music clips. Seriously I wish more artists would go back to this type of music videos.
They're ICONIC AF."

Womanizer-"that's a queen"

Circus-"does she not age?"

If U Seek Amy- "This song is my guilty pleasure"

Radar -"She was extremely hot back then wow .. So sexy and passionate"

3- "Hottest math teacher ever."

Hold It Against Me- "When this came out I didn't realize how ICONIC it was... Get this video VEVO certified BXXches!!!"

Till The World Ends - "I'm going to show this to future kids and tell them I survived that world destruction by going underground and dancing with britney"

I Wanna Go - "Mega hit ❤"

criminal -"Song begins 1:25"

Ooh La La - "Omg she really has that baby voice"

Work Bitch -"I'm so proud of you Britney! Despite the poor sales of "Britney Jean", the first single "Work Bxxch" is VEVO Certified"

Perfume -"2 years and I still don't understand why this song flopped"

Pretty Girls -"Wow people ALWAYS seem to find a problem with music and music videos. You all complain when its sexual saying that its "bad for children", you complain when they swear and when they make sex references.& Now this video has literally no swearing, no drug references, no sexual scenes or lyrics, its just pure fun which is rare to see and y'all are still complaining that it's "immature" and an "abomination to pop" ??Just shut the hell up and HAVE FUN, people take things so seriously. Get the stick out of your ass and realise that not all music has to have deep and emotional lyrics, a fun cheesy pop song isn't going to harm anyone.LOOSEN UP PEOPLE"


Slumber Party -Who else is glad Britney is back"





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15 minutes ago, riccus said:

...Baby One More Time  -  "2017 I’m listening this song haha"

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart  -"watching in 2017  "

I'm a Slave 4 U - "Opps i watched again 2017..."

Overprotected - "thumbs up if youre watching this in 2017"

i fucking hate these comments :triggered:

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Actually I find this Lucky comment hilarious

“when you first figure out how to use the transitions on your PowerPoint presentation 2:26”

Makes more sense when you watch the video at  2:26

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