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Lady Gaga Is Back In The Recording Studio, Teases Tour Announcement

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On the mend!

Lady Gaga is on the mend!

The pop star has been laying low for several weeks since postponing the European leg of the Joanne Tour due to an ongoing battle with chronic pain. Gaga is working diligently on getting her mind right – hosting meditation sessions on Instagram Live, slamming bullies and thanking industry peeps for their recovery gifts.

The world has been kind to Gaga, and now it's time for Gaga to be kind to the world. The singer shared two really exciting updates today (Oct. 12): (1) She is back in the recording studio and (2) has a major tour announcement on the way.

Lady Gaga Is Writing Her Next Album With DJ White Shadow

"Nothing like studio therapy," she wrote. "Thank you @juicycouture for these awesome sparkly track shorts and comfy top. Had so much fun in the studio. Made me feel like a star like the ones in the sky, you know..the real kind."

"Thank you @sakspotts for this dope jacket and @pollyplume for the beautiful sparkly boots. Slowly coming back to life. With some exciting tour announcements on the way!"

Get ready! Lady Gaga is coming back stronger than ever.

Tough girl on the mend.

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

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She’s so boring now. I’m not holding my breath for any new music from her anymore after Joanne. Can we have the Gaga from 2009-2011 back again please? 

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8 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

Is she smoking weed again? I thought she quit 

In her documentary she smoked a lot of cigars but I don’t think this is weed...


Anyway, i’m so glad she’s back in the studio (apparently Redone was also involved) and her European dates have been rescheduled and mine is 2 days before my birthday i’m so excited

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13 minutes ago, Streets said:

Is she leveraging her tour losses with product placement, tho? :riha:

I was wondering the same thing. She is like one of those Facebook chicks promoting weird organic shakes and stomach trainers:gross:

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