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Everyone Is Cheating On Each Other In Pink And Eminem's New Song "Revenge"

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Revenge is sweet.

Revenge is sweet.

Pink's new album Beautiful Trauma drops on Friday (Oct. 13). It features a collaboration with Eminem, which the singer described as "fun" and "funny," and it is. Fans assumed the track was a banger, but instead it's light and plunky. It's not what I expected, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

In "Revenge," Pink sings about getting even with a cheater. "Here comes that singing part," Pink says before diving into... the singing part. "I'm daydreaming / Let me count the ways how I'll get you, or how I'll make you pay / Babe, I'm hurting and now you'll feel the same / That's my plan, that's my plan, that's my plan."

She doubles down. "He can't just get away with it / Eye for eye you piece of shit / You treat us like a garbage pit / Let me at him, wait for it, wait for it..." Eminem's verse is equally bitter. 'Cause when I calculate the times / You cheated and total up all the amounts / It doesn't add up 'cause you say that just giving out your number doesn't count." Then he goes in: "Just remember, you cheated on me first / You're a whore, you're a whore / This is war, fellas, ladies."

Pink and Em's chemistry on "Revenge" is seriously entertaining. Their playful banter makes for a really great story, and it'll be on full display for us when the music video premieres in the coming weeks.

Stream below:

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