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Remember that tacky song in Spanish that ripped of FTBOMBH? There's a new version of it...

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It's sort of odd that I keep getting cyberbullied during National Anti - Bullying Month. I have seen and read all the post and I emailed the administrators about my name being used to be made fun of, joked at and low down mean! 


You clearly don't get it. Your behavior on here is a direct reflection on how you are in real public life away from your screen names you hide behind and the stupid emoji's, faces being made at me etc etc. GROW UP! 


Keep pushing me, making me feel not welcomed, accepted and respected. I will dance till the world ends with this one. 


You think you know me but you don't. You have this perception of who I am and what I am. Your delusional fantasy of me is wrong. 

Have an adult conversation, constructive, to the point, straight up, be real and ask questions. I am more than humble, kind, sweet, refreshing, the life of the party, gracious, blessed and chill. 



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