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Hocus Pocus screenwirter confirms to Forbes that there's a sequel coming up

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ST: Mick, I have to ask you about Hocus Pocus, you wrote the script. Did you ever think that was going to be the pop culture phenomenon it has become and what do you know, if anything, about a sequel?

MG: It's amazing to be a part of something that has become a perennial. It was a hugely successful movie when it came out, it was only modestly successful. I wrote the first eight years earlier but it was when it turned out that Bette Midler was interested and wanted to do it, she was at a very high time in her career, that it got put on the fast track and it started happening again. Now it has become an annual thing at the El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard and the show is sold out. I went there last year and one of the ushers actually recognized me and gave me a tour of the theater. Generation after generation, it's kind of remarkable and fantastic to have something brought to the screen like that and to have it embraced generation after generation. Everybody I meet, it's either their daughters or their own favorite movie and it's incredibly exciting. There have been rumors of a Hocus Pocus sequel for the last 10 years that will not die. I have heard they are developing the script, I haven't been involved in it but I think there will be a sequel it might be for Disney Channel or Freeform or ABC. I think it will be for television but I hear that it is moving ahead.


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I've heard for years about a Tina Fey-penned sequel where she's playing a descendant of the Sandersons and has to protect her two young children when the sisters come back and want them (way to be loyal to the family, witches).

I've also been hearing for about a week about a Disney Channel remake with an all-new cast.

And now he's saying that the remake IS the sequel? I'm so confused. :lostney: 

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If they do it they better bring the original Sanderson sisters aka Bette Midler, SJP and Kathy Najimy back, otherwise I am not interested. :queenflopga:

Bette always said she'd be open for a second movie and so did Kathy. Not sure about SJP tho.



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