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Stream Shania Twain's New Album 'Now,' "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" Video

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15 years in the making.

After 15 long years, Shania Twain returns with fifth studio album, Now.

It's long overdue, but Shania came through. Her new record has officially hit the net, and it's not only a celebration, but a triumph. The singer opens up about her turbulent divorce from now-ex-husband and longtime producer, Mutt Lange, but she doesn't let it control her. Instead, the record is filled with optimism, and it's straight from the heart.

Twain wrote the entire record herself before enlisting super producers Ron Aniello (Bruce Springsteen) and Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran). It doesn't have iconic anthems similar to those she created with Lange, but this wasn't meant to. Now serves as a physical reminder that a singer was burned to the ground and rose from the ashes, and that feat is more important than sales or numbers could ever be.

Stream Now and watch the dane heavy music video for "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" below:

Have YOU listened to Now yet? Let us know in Exhale.

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SMILES!!!!!!!! I met her when she dragged me onto the stage to sing one of her songs from the UP Album in Charleston West Virginia. She opened the show with Man I Feel which is my coming out anthem but she and I had fun on stage!!! This album not only inspires but is real and what a real artist is. Nothing like these wannabes. 




Here is a link where Shania talks about our girl Britney. What about a duet with Shania and Britney? What would you do if that happens? I think Shania and Pink would be best but sometimes it takes a legend and icon like Shania to put Britney, Katy, Beyonce, Taylor, Miley, and others in their place on how the music industry was and should be. Female artist should not be handcuffed with their creativity and be a cookie cutter of what a male-dominated field has done. Shania wrote all the songs, produced all the songs, has the story plus real-time experience to write from and still, today inspires all genres. You can't put her sound or music in country, pop, hip-hop or dance. Its music and it's simply an expression that is put out there for fans to take each song to run with it plus to connect with it.  Thank you Exhale for treating Shania well and with much love and respect! 

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I'm ny really impressed but then again I'm not too familiar with Shania. It feels flat even though she's legend status, I'll give it another listen

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The album is very hit and miss, that being said there are some truly great songs on the album!

They completely picked the wrong singles and buzz tracks! The first single should'e been I'm Alright (the best song on the album), the second single should be Who's Gonna Be Your Girl, and the buzz tracks should've been Poor Me and Roll Me On The River. I for the life of me don't understand why they chose to release such mediocre tracks as singles/buzz tracks! 


Best tracks:

Light Of My Life
Who's Gonna Be Your Girl
I'm Alright (best song on the album imo)
Let's Kiss And Make Up
Roll Me On the River
All In All


Ok tracks:

Swinging With My Eyes Closed
Poor Me
Life's About To Get Good 

Crap tracks:

Home Now
More Fun
Where Do Think You're Going
We Got Something They Don't 
Because Of You
You Can't Buy Love 


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